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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Step up to the Mike part 1

Even though my iPOD may never play music again, and even if I lost all of my playlists. I am breaking out the mikes for some performance spacing this Thursday Night at the Lamp Post. It will be a dj karaoke dance fiasco and would be reason enough to showcase your rock band skills. You'll need to have a good diet to be at your best so tonight, start out with a screening of Food Matters at Project Plates at 8 pm, or if you really want to get your whole grains, hops, and barley in, take an adult field trip to Cricket Hill Brewery on the 99 beer club bus. You wont need your parents permission, and LITM is boxing dinner for you. Be at LITM at 6 pm.

When you get back to Jersey City, you can finish up with DJ Lorenz at the Lamp Post. Steff Street Justice Kautzmann is behind the bar. On Thursday, Steff has her own gig at DC's Tavern in Hoboken. Tonight , Wednesday Night, in Hoboken Roland Ramos hosts the other Jam Session at Shades (the place has a parking lot and is close to the 9th Street Light Rail).

This weekend music line-up has Any Day Parade at O'Haras on Friday Night. While, the Plastic Passion band Headlines a Femmetastic band line-up in Staten Island on Friday. Saturday Night, Detroit Native, Jersey City resident, Eliza Neals plays the Bitter End. The Ankles re-unite to play at the Lamp Post, and The Poconos debut their new stuff at Automata Chino. Former AWM guitarist/drummer Mikey plays with the Filipino Pop band Pow Wow at the Annex in NYC. . On Sunday Dayish, Ben Franklin (Billy Grey from the Meltdowns) plays an all ages show at the Cake Shop.