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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Volleyball Update

The net will be set up today and tomorrow for volleyball.
I will be in Fairfield, NJ at a friends non- bbq : bbq - I am bringing the pool up too.
Call me at 973-219-9696 if you want to swing out and meet my Montclair State Posse.

Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow at Volleyball - Rurick has the net for today. Play nice kids and mix up the teams. please you guys are more clicky than The Hills. I'll bring the bbq tomorrow if someone wants to pony upi some meats/or non meats.

As for tonight, since most of you all have off on Monday. I'll see you bar side at some place that begins with an L - Losers. Which I am since i managed to sleep through Saturday Night. That's why I am up and you are sleeeping.

xo dt

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Daze

Well let's start with some bad news. Or as I like to call it the new reality.

Sorry. No kickball this weekend. You can pencil in Saturday, September 20th for now. I can't swing this event on short notice. In other words I am not ready, and based on my recent Pool Party Drowning, I will delay this event, as I have done with most of my events this summer one time. Plus, the city requires that I get a $2 million Insurance Policy to rent the field, and that adds up to needing 8 full teams to play to cover some costs. With the new delay, you will have plenty of time to come up with your team outfits and even practice. In lieu of kickball, volleyball will be available Sunday and Monday.

The good news is that everything else that is supposed to happen this weekend is on schedule and ready to go.

Tonight, DJ Bill McCamie spins at the Lamp Post and you can catch some good music at Lucky Sevens.

On Wednesday, we've got Go Kat Go at Groove on Grove from 6 to 8 pm. Up in the Heights, at the Brennan Court House, there is an art opening juried by the Pro Arts Crowd. The opening is from 6 to 8 pm and features a group of Jersey City Artists. On the Night side, WFMU all star Therese is spinning with Vicky at the Lamp Post this Wednesday. Street Justice is behind the bar.

Thursday, good question, Ok now I have it Ladies Night at Lucky Sevens vs. the DJ Alfonse at the Lamp Post. Thanks to everyone who came out for my Karaoke Dance Party last Thursday too.

Friday, the old Toy Eaters spot will host a benefit for the Lex Leonard Gallery. It's an 8-bit party, with DJ's whom rock the Game Boy Music, seriously. Hopefully, Super Mario or even Luigi will show up. This group of Group DJ's who recently appeared on WFMU, you can check out their show here. . catch it live Friday for a $8 donation.

Also in honor of Shangri-la not happening this year. Flaming Fire has taken the rein and is playing a show at Shangri-la in Greenpoint. The spirit lives on...See flyer to the right.

Saturday, we've got two all star jams going on. Brian Musikof celebrates his thirty something birthday at Maxwells'. No Pasaran, Stuyvestant, and special guest play with comedians and DJ'sin between. At the Lamp Post, Sean Towey i sputting together a full night with the Glass Trees, The Twilight Procession and Mason Dixon playing. Dj's will also be a plenty at the Lamp Post. In the morning you can catch DJ Therese spin on WFMU at 9am for the listener hour.

At Don Hills on Saturday Night, you can check out DJ Leonard Smalls and crew at the Desperate Pleasures Dance Party. $5 and fun await you.

Om Sunday, American Watercolor Movement travels out to Stausstown, PA to play the Open Air Guitar Masters Festival. AWM is on at 7pm. Locally, it's night before Labor Day so get your drinks on at a bar that begins with L, there will be DJ's.

Monday, is Labor Day, I have off, and so do most people not involved in a special Labor Day Sale. We'll play volleyball until dark and then head over to the Lamp Post for a special Birthday edition of the Bryan Benninghove trio at the Lamp Post.

Next Tuesday, Mellisa Surach's Babyhole emerges from its summer hiatus for their inaugural show at the Lamp Post. It will be standing room only as Babyhole doles out there awards. If you didn't vote, you can do so here.

JC Olympic Kickball Finals Saturday September 20th

I know ever since the cameras have left Beijing, and things have returned to the normal day to day repression and DVD bootlegging, we Jersey City-ites have been yearning for some local Olympic action that is not subject to a 12 hour time delay. Well my fellow citizens, as long as Ping Pong and Badminton can gain someone the Gold, so shall Kickball. So, get your teams and outfits together, and the world will gather around their TV sets again for some red (white and Blue) American K-Ball Action of the ....

Jersey City Olympic Kickball Finals.
Saturday September 20th Noon to 8 pm.
Enus Jones Memorial Field
Brunswick St.and Pavonia Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302
First Game Noon

We will be playing at Enus Jones Field at the Corner of Pavonia and Brunswick, right by the White Star Bar. The White Star Bar is providing drink and shot specials, and the $100 Championship Prize for the 1st place team. JC Tattoo (Tournament MVP) , Balance Hair Salon (Most Likely to Improve) , World of Style Vintage (Best Outfit) and Nine Lives Skate Shop (Best Catch) are throwing in some medals of their own.

Each player must pay $7 to play, or $50 per team, and sign a waiver holding me and the City harmless for any injuries and/or death. Sorry, you must be at least 18 years old to play and reside, work, or be actively dating someone in Jersey City to play. Individual Players and small groups should report at 11:45 am in order to be placed for the first games. The Tournament is a single elimination style. A maximum of eight teams will play for Jersey City Gold. Game play is limited so please email by September 18th at to pre-register teams and individuals. Teams should be co-ed. Please read the rules below regarding game play.

If you can not play for physical or religious reasons, please email at if you would like to announce, DJ, referee, or score keep.

There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the park. The White Star Bar is across the street if you would like to strategize. Please feel free to bring your own water and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Kickball Rules are similar to Softball/Baseball rules with these specific exceptions.

No Bouncies. Pitched balls may not be fired down towards home plate and shall not be excessively bouncy. Teams can force a change in pitcher once an inning by shouting "we want a pitcher, not a belly itcher (three times)".
Kickers must kick the ball behind or on home plate. Kickers can not come into contact with a ball before it reaches home plate. Balls hit in front of the plate are considered foul. Two Foul Balls and you are out.
No Bunting. A ball must reach half the distance to first base to be considered fair. Bunt Balls are foul.
2 Foul Balls and you are out.
A Runner is out by force, but can also be called out if hit with the ball. Hitting a player in the face or any no-touch region will be considered safe and be awarded the base. Intentionally hitting a player in the face or jewels with the ball will lead to an expulsion from the tournament.
One Base Per Overthrow Balls that miss the base for a force out or miss the runner allow the player to advance one extra base only.
No Leading Players may only leave the base once the ball is kicked. Players that advance before the ball is put into play will be considered out.
Teams must have minimum of six players, maximum of 10 players.
Teams must have at least 3 women. Teams with less than 3 women will be penalized 2 runs per women difference in team rosters. For example : if one team fields 4 women and the opposing team fields 2 women. The team with the least amount of women will begin with the score of -4 runs.
Each Game consists of 5 innings or 45 minutes. Tie games shall be decided by sudden-death, best of three rock-paper-scissors play.
Each Team has 10 kickers per inning. The inning is finished when the last batter is called out or the ball is placed on home plate. If a team has less than 10 players, the kicking order will continue through the of the order. The first kicker for each inning is the corresponding kicker for each inning. For instance, the first kicker in the order kicks first in the first inning, the Third kicker in the order kicks first in the third inning. Capice ?
Weather Permitting, players who reach first base are awarded with a water balloon that can be used for defensive base running. It is recommended that each team have a first base coach to hand a water balloon to a player who shall reach past first base on their initial kick. Players who reach second or third base without getting a water balloon when passing first shall not be provided with a water balloon. Water Ballons should also not be throw at a persons face.

The Decision of the Referee is Final.
Have Fun. Be Safe.No one likes to have to call 911.

Friday, August 15, 2008

a wet and wild weekend ?

The Garden State Rollergirls skate for six charities tonight, Friday Night at Branch Brook Park. This event is their second annual charity skate and their wheels we'll be turning. (Elbow) Check it out. . DJ Caligula is at the Lamp Post tonight.

I'm filling up the pool for tomorrow's Pool Party at the the es Oro gallery. Things start at 2pm. This is a day time outside event, we've got BBQ, Beverages. All you need to do is put on your bathing suit and slip on over. The sun should be making it's way out in time to light the grill. We've got the main dietary persuasions covered, in fact my marinate vegetables would are carnavalitious. After you dry yourself off, You can get an early start to PRIDE week. JCGLO and Art House are hosting the Meltdown party : A Ladies Night at Art House Productions on Saturday from 8 to midnight. Kilsy and America's Sweet Hearts play the Lamp Post on Saturday.

On Saturday in the city, the 1 and 9's play Fontana's as a part of the Subway Soul Party. The 1 and 9's along with The Milwaulkees, The Black Hollies, and Bongo Surf will play a special Groove on Grove show as of JC Fridays. This Wednesday, Joe Conderacci's (Uncle Joe's-Cork Screw- Lamp Post) band play Groove on Grove. Rear Window is your Van Vorst Park movie afterwards.

Get your shin guards out for a one-day kickball tournament on the SATURDAY OF LABOR DAY WEEKEND. Start team building now. You don't need to practice, kickball is not an Olympic sport.
don't forget about the Italian Festival this week !! it runs through Sunday.
Volleyball is on. It should be a beautiful day.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ciao Jersey City

time is short for this one.

thanks radiohead for coming to our all points west after party at 58 last saturday. you guys rocked creep so hard. almost as good and hotrod spun.

heading out for Groove on Grove with Any Day Parade from 6 to 8 pm.
tonight is also the beginning of the Holy Rosary Church Italian Festival. get your rice balls over there. street justice has wfmu fix-it guy chad b collins, spinning tonight.

get your bathing suits cleaned for the pool party this saturday at es Oro

happy birthday little bro.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

too if by sea. got one if by land

if you don't have tickets for the all points west festival. commandeer yourself a boat and you can catch the show on the water. really. no seriously you can do it. don't fret if you don't have a boat, you didn't have a tickets anyway.

i'm sure the boys of tomorrow rocked don hills last night. my body had given up earlier when my mind took off without me. I am back in one piece ,and ready to stab at Saturdays line up from the shore. land ho's for me tonight.

the after party party tonight is at 58. bring your legs for hotrod (WFMU). when you get tired with us or we get tired of you , the after after party is at sweet priclillas.

Besides all points west, you can head out for an all ages electronic music festival in brooklyn with Lismore. In JC, The Nolan Gate Plays the Lamp Post. You can catch the closing festivities for Elemental at es Oro today from 3 to 10 pm. Hope to see you later. I've got some shopping to do.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

30,000 Legions Come to J-SEA

land ho my friends. the all points west fest comes to town this weekend. I hope you have someone staying on your couch. I rolled the dice on Stevel Kenevil, from Tennessee, I think he's related ? , and as good that we all should be with guests coming to town. For those of you who long for your Radiohead days, the concert will be along Freedom Way and not by the picnic area.

Along with a my non-functioning fleet of mopeds, you may have heard me bragging about my afterparty boat cruise. Well, I could not put one together for sea, but tonight, Flaming Fire sets sail as part of the Rocks Off Boat Cruises. They set sail from skyport marina pier, at 23rd and the East River. Yes, you can take your helicopter. The two unofficial after parties we've got lines up are Friday's Obscene Strategies Party at Don Hill's on Friday and the "after-party-party" at 58 on Saturday with HotRod (WFMU) spinning. Friends, please don't confuse these after-parties with something that begins at 4 am, the parties are during normal times.

Alright back to tonight, so I can get to back to my laundry, Groove on Grove. On. Catch Tourista (members of Kilsy) perform some bossa styled covers. Kids. Rats come to Van Vorst Park with Disney's Ratatouille at dusk. Street Justice has tapped her Dr. Lorenz WFMU - WSOU to spin it out. In fact. FMU's vets will be there every Wednesday all August.

Now Thursday, all is quiet ? NO we just got started. On Jersey Ave, Fish with Braids Gallery hosts and opening for Fred Kluth at 7 pm. On Coles, at 58, we've got the America is Dying Slowly exhibit opening. There's time for everything and then check out a sneak peek party of Sweet Priscilla's after 10 pm. The Cat Juggler and Leonard Smalls spin at the Lucky Sevens and the Lamp Post, irrespectively.

Friday. I thought I already told you, I am going to All Points West Festival. You can check out the set times and get all sorts of information there. ooh Mates of State is playing that day too. Local Lismore plays the Brooklyn Electronic Festival, and Kilsy plays at Coney Island on Friday as well. Afterwards we could all meet up at Don Hills ?

Saturday. Same deal if you got tickets. Even if you don't, invest in a boat a modell's and just water your way there. Ellis Island isn't surrounded by a mine field is it ? When you come back to land, embark towards Es Oro Gallery for their closing party of Elemental. Day time 3 to 10 pm. We've got the late shift at 58.

Sunday. Volleyball is still on. It may just be a net dropper day for me.....+

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Ones and Twos vs the Ones and Zeroes

Okay kids 5 dj's play 2 bars in JC tonight.

At The Lamp Post - You get the Hot Wax with DJ Slim McCoy and Billy Filo
At Lucky 7's it's The Obscene Strategy Team, dish digital by warming up for their unofficial All Points West Festival After Party next Friday, with a dj gig at Luckys.

Also don't forget that Any Day Parade plays Maxwell's tonight and My Roommate DJ Bill McCamie plays O'Connells

Sunny weather for Volleyball tomorrow and a Group Show at LITM at night.
Amy of Janam Tea Shop fame is also having a apartment sale. You can check out her wares here

Friday, August 1, 2008

un blocked un blogged

thanks Blogger for reviewing my blog, as you can see i have no relation to the widow of the finance minister of Mozambique.