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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

30,000 Legions Come to J-SEA

land ho my friends. the all points west fest comes to town this weekend. I hope you have someone staying on your couch. I rolled the dice on Stevel Kenevil, from Tennessee, I think he's related ? , and as good that we all should be with guests coming to town. For those of you who long for your Radiohead days, the concert will be along Freedom Way and not by the picnic area.

Along with a my non-functioning fleet of mopeds, you may have heard me bragging about my afterparty boat cruise. Well, I could not put one together for sea, but tonight, Flaming Fire sets sail as part of the Rocks Off Boat Cruises. They set sail from skyport marina pier, at 23rd and the East River. Yes, you can take your helicopter. The two unofficial after parties we've got lines up are Friday's Obscene Strategies Party at Don Hill's on Friday and the "after-party-party" at 58 on Saturday with HotRod (WFMU) spinning. Friends, please don't confuse these after-parties with something that begins at 4 am, the parties are during normal times.

Alright back to tonight, so I can get to back to my laundry, Groove on Grove. On. Catch Tourista (members of Kilsy) perform some bossa styled covers. Kids. Rats come to Van Vorst Park with Disney's Ratatouille at dusk. Street Justice has tapped her Dr. Lorenz WFMU - WSOU to spin it out. In fact. FMU's vets will be there every Wednesday all August.

Now Thursday, all is quiet ? NO we just got started. On Jersey Ave, Fish with Braids Gallery hosts and opening for Fred Kluth at 7 pm. On Coles, at 58, we've got the America is Dying Slowly exhibit opening. There's time for everything and then check out a sneak peek party of Sweet Priscilla's after 10 pm. The Cat Juggler and Leonard Smalls spin at the Lucky Sevens and the Lamp Post, irrespectively.

Friday. I thought I already told you, I am going to All Points West Festival. You can check out the set times and get all sorts of information there. ooh Mates of State is playing that day too. Local Lismore plays the Brooklyn Electronic Festival, and Kilsy plays at Coney Island on Friday as well. Afterwards we could all meet up at Don Hills ?

Saturday. Same deal if you got tickets. Even if you don't, invest in a boat a modell's and just water your way there. Ellis Island isn't surrounded by a mine field is it ? When you come back to land, embark towards Es Oro Gallery for their closing party of Elemental. Day time 3 to 10 pm. We've got the late shift at 58.

Sunday. Volleyball is still on. It may just be a net dropper day for me.....+