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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Daze

Well let's start with some bad news. Or as I like to call it the new reality.

Sorry. No kickball this weekend. You can pencil in Saturday, September 20th for now. I can't swing this event on short notice. In other words I am not ready, and based on my recent Pool Party Drowning, I will delay this event, as I have done with most of my events this summer one time. Plus, the city requires that I get a $2 million Insurance Policy to rent the field, and that adds up to needing 8 full teams to play to cover some costs. With the new delay, you will have plenty of time to come up with your team outfits and even practice. In lieu of kickball, volleyball will be available Sunday and Monday.

The good news is that everything else that is supposed to happen this weekend is on schedule and ready to go.

Tonight, DJ Bill McCamie spins at the Lamp Post and you can catch some good music at Lucky Sevens.

On Wednesday, we've got Go Kat Go at Groove on Grove from 6 to 8 pm. Up in the Heights, at the Brennan Court House, there is an art opening juried by the Pro Arts Crowd. The opening is from 6 to 8 pm and features a group of Jersey City Artists. On the Night side, WFMU all star Therese is spinning with Vicky at the Lamp Post this Wednesday. Street Justice is behind the bar.

Thursday, good question, Ok now I have it Ladies Night at Lucky Sevens vs. the DJ Alfonse at the Lamp Post. Thanks to everyone who came out for my Karaoke Dance Party last Thursday too.

Friday, the old Toy Eaters spot will host a benefit for the Lex Leonard Gallery. It's an 8-bit party, with DJ's whom rock the Game Boy Music, seriously. Hopefully, Super Mario or even Luigi will show up. This group of Group DJ's who recently appeared on WFMU, you can check out their show here. . catch it live Friday for a $8 donation.

Also in honor of Shangri-la not happening this year. Flaming Fire has taken the rein and is playing a show at Shangri-la in Greenpoint. The spirit lives on...See flyer to the right.

Saturday, we've got two all star jams going on. Brian Musikof celebrates his thirty something birthday at Maxwells'. No Pasaran, Stuyvestant, and special guest play with comedians and DJ'sin between. At the Lamp Post, Sean Towey i sputting together a full night with the Glass Trees, The Twilight Procession and Mason Dixon playing. Dj's will also be a plenty at the Lamp Post. In the morning you can catch DJ Therese spin on WFMU at 9am for the listener hour.

At Don Hills on Saturday Night, you can check out DJ Leonard Smalls and crew at the Desperate Pleasures Dance Party. $5 and fun await you.

Om Sunday, American Watercolor Movement travels out to Stausstown, PA to play the Open Air Guitar Masters Festival. AWM is on at 7pm. Locally, it's night before Labor Day so get your drinks on at a bar that begins with L, there will be DJ's.

Monday, is Labor Day, I have off, and so do most people not involved in a special Labor Day Sale. We'll play volleyball until dark and then head over to the Lamp Post for a special Birthday edition of the Bryan Benninghove trio at the Lamp Post.

Next Tuesday, Mellisa Surach's Babyhole emerges from its summer hiatus for their inaugural show at the Lamp Post. It will be standing room only as Babyhole doles out there awards. If you didn't vote, you can do so here.