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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Attention (art) Hoppers

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Pagan Thanksgiving and the Cowboys and Indians Party last week. I was just getting reacquainted with the Internet, when I got hit with a some facebook timebomb. My account is still frozen, and my computer has been running slow, but this I blame more on whoever is stealing Internet from me and my 5 year old cable modem, than that crappy facebook thing. But, life goes on, and I'll deal with later.

The Winter version of JC Fridays is this Friday. The Full Listing is here -- . With three weeks until "that day", you can really support the local economy by purchasing some crafty gifts from local artists and shops. Don't worry, the government has a bailout plan for Toys R Us. and maybe Barbie and Ken have too many cars and houses. Let me bailout myself and get back to Friday. Highlights ? A Pagan Wonderland at Balance Hair/World of Style, Different Dolls at Fish With Braids, Roland Ramos bid Farewell to JC at Simple, the Second Annual Small Works show at LITM, Babyhole at the Lamp Post. Yes it's all Happening this Friday. There's even more, and that what's scares me. Let me shake some more out of my brain. At Es Oro Gallery, there's a tri-parte group show. Yes all Friday, like I said check the listing. Hye and check out Boomerang, a newly opened consignment vintage shop across the street from Es Oro on Brunswick Street. They will be open on JC Fridays.

If you prefer to do your shopping on Saturday, check out the PADNA artesan holiday market at art 919 Gallery at 150 Bay Street from Noon til 5 pm. John Fesken's Ehullek Tradegies comes down this weekend, so if you bought something from the show, come by to pick up your artwork, if you haven't bought something, come by from Noon to Five, or from 7 to 10 for the final viewing. It's a cash and carry night.

On the entertainment side.

Tonight, the Art House. Jersey City's longest running open mic night is on Thursday.

On Friday Night, Jersey City trips out to Hoboken as Third Party, Kilsy, and Wild Honey play Maxwell's on Friday Night. Meanwhile, Jupiter One and Thing-One play at the Mercury Lounge. On Saturday, Any Day Parade opens up the night at Maxwells playing with Blesstenation, Sex Pod, and the Fave. Whilst, Jersey City visits Hoboken. The Interior Project comes from Detriot to visit the Lamp Post on Saturday Night. As opposed to saving themselves and getting out of town, The Interior Project will DJ the rest of the night at the Lamp Post.

The Digital all-star DJ's will celebrate, Leonard Smalls Birthday on Saturday Night at Lucky Sevens. Tables will be moved so you wont have to dance around those guys playing Mortal Kombat. For even more dance nation, stop by 143 Columbus to finish off the night/morning.

That leaves Sunday for house work.

Save Tuesday Night, for an Melissa Surach's Babyhole. She's debuting her 2009 calender. She has an all star cast on hand. MELISSA SURACH 2009 CALENDAR RELEASE PARTY at BabyHole! Tuesday, December 9th, 8:30 pm, Free
My new calendar is ready for your beautiful eyes! This terrific show features Jessica Delfino, Ben Lerman and sketch comedy from Jerk Practice. Rock and Roll music by No Pasaran! Canned food drive for Let's Celebrate, a pantry in Jersey City. About 6 open mic slots. And of course, my new calendar, which you can buy for the low price of $12. Buy two for $20! If you don't buy them directly from me, you have to buy them from Imagine Atrium for $15. Yikes!

more later ? how many times have I types that.