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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Listen up Turkeys !

Really, next week is one of the busiest weeks in my life. Not since I worked 68 hours during the summer at Burger King have things been so busy; First, the 18th Annual Pagan Thanksgiving is this MONDAY the 24th, and DJ Bill and I are opening up our apartment for a Cowboys and Indians Party next Friday the 28th.

If you haven't been to Pagan Thanksgiving, here's what you need to know. 1. It's in Montclair 2. We Cook the main courses (Turkey,Ham, Mashed, Stuffing, and Gravy) 3. You bring a side dish, some money to donate to cover the space rental, and a bottle of wine or whatever to share. 4. International Wishbone Pulling Competition just before dessert.

As for the Cowboys and Indians Party : 1. You dress up (Cowboys - Indians - Cows - Boys as Cows - just use your [this space purposely left blank] 2. Bring $7 and wear your dance shoes 3. We got the rest covered, IE you do not bring libations, we have it covered. Some other important notes, come in costume and/or in mixed company. Any questions/want to help/work for me (of course not ! you are just here to party:)

OK back to the week on band(s). On Thursday Night, The Plastic Passion Band plays at the National Underground in NYC. Friday Night, you can catch The Coffin Daggers Play at the Battle for New Jersey Roller Derby Bout at Branch Brook Arena in Newark. The Garden State Rollergirls skate against the Jersey Shore All-Stars. for ticket info. On Saturday Night, WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice, the Art of Shooting, and No Pasaran play at Maxwells, while The Division of Planes plays at the Lamp Post. Lucky's has an early band night with Pray for the Wander, McMickle Brothers, Bern and the Brights, The One and Nines. First Tune plays at 7 pm.

Next Wednesday, the busiest bar night in America, Chico Mann plays at Southpaw with

On Saturday Night, you can also catch the New Beetle Reunion Band at the One Jersey City fundraiser at the Lex Leonard Gallery. It's a fundraiser for their Candidate for Mayor Dan Levin. $50 is the suggested donation (all donations are welcome though). The Sgt. Peppers Tribute starts at 7 pm. Afterwards you can RECOUP one floor below for the RECOUP Party. In fact, you can just come on Friday for the RENT party and stay through the weekend.

But Wait there's more ! Vaspa JC is having their official grand opening party this Friday from 6 to 11 pm. There will be Music and libations in their grand garage.

On the art side, 32 Jones Gallery is looking for small submission for their Pocket Art Show. You can reach their executive director Jaden Rogers at Art opening is the next JC Friday, December 5th.

If you feel that you are a Bruch Pro, LITM is having a Bloody Mary Making Contest on December 7th. Contact if you want in. The winner get their signature Bloody Mary on LITM's menu, all of the losers and winners and judges : Here's the fine print

Dec. 7th Bloody Mary Showdown!! @ LITM 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Do you think you make the best bloody mary's? PROVE IT! 10 contestants will compete for "JC People's Choice" for Best Bloody Mary. Want to compete? $25.00 gets you your entry fee, and includes all your requested ingredients (we have to provide them due to health code laws...) Just want to be one of the judges???
Come anytime between 11 - 2 - $15.00 at the door gets you UNLIMITED bloody mary sampling! Cast your vote, while you can still stand! :) PRIZES for the top 3 contestants, as well as the First place winner's recipe becomes the signature Bloody Mary at LITM - unitl challenged again! Email to request entry as a contestant. And for everyone else, See you on Sunday December 7th for First BLOODY MARY SHOWDOWN....