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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calenders Calling

Again, let me thank everyone who came out to the Cowboys and Indian Party, I just uploaded some pre-inebriation shots on my flickr page , My Pictures from the Cowboys and Indians Party , also Street Justice has some here. If you want some costumed craziness this weekend, get you Clause Gear and check out this year's Santacon in New York City. It combines the merriment of the Holidays with the reckless depression of alcohol. You could finish the night off at the Rubulad Holiday Revue Party. 338 Flushing Ave., bet. Classon & Taaffee

Tuesday's Merriment Brigade comes compliment's of Melissa Surach's Babyhole Calander Release Party at the Lamp Post. With veteran performers such as Jessica Delfino, and Ben Lerman, will be joined by the some Jerky or Sketchy Group. After a strong dose of self pity and ukuleles, No Pasaran will rock the review. But the real deal here will be Melissa's 2009 Calender, for a mere $12 you may wonder why you bought that iPhone. Beforehand, could stop by for City Hall for Suchita Rain's Infinity (Note: the opening only lasts from 6 to 8pm).

Wednesday's weekly Hump Day Party at the Lamp Post has WFMU's, Chad Alexander kicking a Soul Party. Don't worry about making too much noise because Jahna's The Deamands will be in Brooklyn at Public Assembly for their own gig. Wednesday also mark return of the masked man Lucha DJ at Lucky Seven's. Thursday Street Justice heads to DC's Tavern in Hoboken for her own gig, regulars DJ Al Fonz and Newly 33ied Leonard Smalls play within our two blocks of nightlife happiness.

This weekend and including Thursday, JC Native Amy Golden performs in The Scandal ! at the Red Room in New York City. The Scandal! is about a asmall-town gal, Pink, has devised the perfect, poetic suicide plan. Her journey is complicated by a distant mother, a judgmental entourage, the ghost of her father and a mysterious new comer. In a world so small, everyone is hungry for a scandal. The Play is also directed by Jersey City resident, Courtney Sale.

This Holiday Season also reprises, JCity Theater Groups, A Tuna Christmas, which is being performed at at St Michael's Church on 8th Street. The show began it's run last week and concludes on December 20th. On Friday and Saturday, the Shua Performance Group presents their new piece "Whole Thing" at the Monroe Center in Hoboken. It's a "A sense bending performance of sound, light and movement, guitars, cymbals, soprano saxophones, running in the dark and broken glass" . You can read more at

The holidays would not be complete without 58's own small works show. Dutch is putting together a group of tiny treasures and small pleasures. The show is scheduled to open on Friday 12th and will wind up on what appears to now be Jersey City's Unofficial Holiday Party Night December 20th. The 1 and 9's and The Whoods will play early at 58, and later you can sit on Santa's Lap at Lucky's or Dance with Elves at the Lamp Post with Any Day Parade.

As for this Saturday, Lloyd Unlimited, Clueless and Kate play at the Lamp Post, and Lex has got a dancelious Party for the Night Night. Good Night for now.

Well let me crank up my f=cking time machine here and actually dial back to last week.