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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time for a Change

As the news was reporting about the elections, "The next 24 hours is going to be important time in America", well lucky for Obama he should now be able to get a nap in. Locally, Artist, Ken Bastard will spend the next 24 hours producing 24 painting as part of the Organ Grinder's Monkey. Thursday at 7 pm. Ken will start. At 7 pm tomorrow, he will be finished, and hopefully not completely exhausted. Stop by and visit anytime, just make sure you bring some 5 hour energy shots, or a set of toothpicks for his eyes, oh who am i kidding, is Lawrence Taylor's personal trainer from the 80's still around, alive, or at least out of jail ? Good Luck Ken.

A scheduling error on my part has moved my karaoke dance party from next Thursday to tonight. Unfortunately, a placement error, has put my iPOD in limbo land, so I'll be slinging ye old cd mixer and a turntable for tonight. I'll bring the mikes, and we could sing the words from inside the sleeves. The rest of your word smiths, poets, and performers, head out to The Art House for the longest running Spoken Word Event, or if you are running late, catch the second longest Spoken Word night at the original Waterbug; GRAF.

Besides Ken Bastards 24 hour painting marathon, art openings will also be at Es Oro Gallery and Mary Benson, and Fish with Braids Gallery on Friday. Laura Dejean works at " Fish with Braids Gallery, will help you (re)discover the luscious forms of the pregnant female body through colorful body casts to touch. Milk drinks in baby bottles, as well as home made Mutterkuchen" (placenta-cake) will be served to the guests. A breast fountain represents the nurturing source of life through the female body." mmmmm. placenta cake. it tastes just like polenta.

On Saturday, come out to 18 Erie Gallery (BalanceWorld of Style Vintage) for a closing reception for Hamlet Manzueta from 3 to 6pm. We also have a final viewing of 58's annual group show on Saturday Night from 7 to 10 pm. Next Friday, John W Fesken's third installment of the Ehullek Tragedies : Black Death Lonely Road. Oh please make a note of this art lovers, this event will be a BYOB event. Jersey City does not want us offering wine or beer. So now you can really come for the art and not for the drink specials. With John Fesken in town, a special American Watercolor Movement show is planned for next Saturday Night at 9 pm (ill keep you posted).

On the live music side, Kilsy is playing at Fontana's in New York City on Friday Night, the event is has something to do with Coney Island Burlesque, so if you did not get enough boobs at Fish with Braids, this could be your just desserts. On Saturday Night, Any Day Parade plays Kilkenneys Bar in Newark with Bern and the Brights, who just played Lucky's last Tuesday, come early and catch the electronic stylings of una pong. Local Hip-Hopsters, The Whoods Family Band play the Lamp Post on Saturday Night. On Sunday Night, The Campbell Apartment plays Kenny's Castaway's in the Village as part of the International Pop Overthrow Festival, they play at 8:30 sharp.Yeah for good pizza and whip-its.

It doesn't look good for Volleyball, or my stoop sale this weekend. If anything expect, game on a breezy Sunday. I hope my signs don't fly away because I'll be husting. get yourself a bagel across the street.