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Friday, November 14, 2008

Your In Nation

Tonight John Fesken's Third Installment of the Ehullek Tragedies is on display at 58. The opening starts at 7 pm and ends at 11pm sharp kids. In honor of Councilman Steve Lipski, this event will be alcohol free, as opposed to free alcohol. You can bring something to share, but JC has decreed that we can not serve liquor libations. In the other hand, you can enjoy teh hospitality of the Hamilton Park Block party at the Old St. Francis Hospital tonight. The Milwaukees play at 6 pm, and DJ William McCamie spins until midnight. Then he follows things up with a DJ set at Lucky 7's.

On Saturday 143 Columbus presents Stimulus : "A party dedicated to Obama, America and rent!" Here's the word from Lex on the event .

Artists, musicians, free-thinkers, liberals, radicals, mavericks, socialists, conservatives, hockey milfs, beatniks, hipsters, geeks, Alaskans, maverick Vietnam vets - All are welcomed to join yours truly and the 143 family as we celebrate the dawn of a new era and a renewed sense of hope. Yes, even an occasionally existential dude like myself is feelin the joy. The party is 6 DJ marathon beginning with Megan Wagner's cd release from 8 to 10:30. Our lineup is quite diverse; beginning with some upbeat dancy stuff leading to some funky stuff segwaying to some beefy four on the floor stuff passing the baton to some soulful urban stuff giving way to some electro hipsterish stuff and probably ending with my type of stuff. Then brunch at Marco and Pepe's at 2pm the next day. DJ Lineup: - Megan Wagner (8 - 10:30) - Soul George (10:30 - 12am) - Kev Spyker (12 - 1:30) - Johnny Astronaut (1:30 - 3) - Serenade (3 - 4:30) - Caligula (4:30 - 6).

On Saturday, American Watercolor Movement (midnight) , 6 to 8 Mathmatics (11 pm) and the Subway Surfers (1o pm) play at the Lamp Post. Norm is taking of lights, so the place looks pretty, DJ Dancing Tony will help with some in-between tunes. At Luckys DJ Leonard Smalls will be spinning it up. On the subject, he'll be trading in his headband for an Indian dress at my Cowboys and Indian Party on the Friday after Thanksgiving at my apartment. This party come just once a year so get your costumes ready !!

The Monday before Thanksgiving is the 18th Pagan Thanksgiving Dinner in Montclair. I've been doing this event for almost since it started at our of campus "House" in Montclair. Back then we cooked one turkey. Now we are up to 8 turkeys and 4 hams. We also make mashed potatoes, stuffing and the gravy. Your job. BRING a DISH" see the invite to the side.

Sunday, looks like the day, if any for Volleyball this weekend. But don't worry sport heads, Dodge ball, Bowling are all ready to go.