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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

You own this City or You all need a Time Out!!

Hey Hanna,

Thanks for not raining on the outdoor shows of JC Fridays. I mean, because you waited... now I can get that moist feeling of an electricity downed hotel room in Florida. Who wants to swim with the fish in the swimming pool? A little storms shouldn't ruin anything. It may get your hair kinky, but it won't ruin tonight's Beard and Mustache Competition in Coney Island. JC's International powerhouse Eric Brown, hopes to take home the gold comb. Just a note to any other possible contestants, yes , you can enter in any area your groom. Good luck, it's gonna be breezy.

Speaking of Hurricanes, The Swigs touch down tonight at the Lamp Post. Showtime will be after our closing reception at the 58 Gallery. Yes, America is Dying Slowly will end tonight. That seems so symbolic with the mustache competition, or was it the Presidential Election ? Our Closing Party is from 7 to 10:47. It's all listed in this weeks Time Out New York.

Keep me posted I gotta run.
Wax your surf boards for Volleyball on Sunday.