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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kickball Results & A Word from our Sponsors

Thanks to everyone who came out for a fun fueled day of kickball !!! If you woke up the next two days unable to move, you were a winner in my book, but for the sake a bragging rights here are the results. I also wanted to offer a special thanks everyone who helped me set-up clean-up, ref and score keep. And of course, our sponsors, especially the White Star for keeping everyone fortified between their matches, plus Staples for their great selection of markers and banner paper. Has anyone seen my cell phone ?
Olympic Gold : The White (All) Stars : Definitely the team to beat, $100 Gift Certificate to the White Star Bar. Tournament MVP : Adam , third base from the White Star. The only player able to throw someone out from third ? $80 Gift Certificate from Jersey City Tattoo Company .
Sterling Silver : The Ball Busters : Without a doubt, the 8 hours they took to make their t-shirts was only second to their play. Looking good is tough, so we are happy to award them with a Gift Certificate to Balance Hair Salon. For an inside look in to the goings on of this hair salon/vintage clothing store/ art gallery/ check out their new show on local access channel 51 you can check out the Groovy fun Fridays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 6:30pm.
Burly Bronze : Kunstballers : Hailing from 58 , The Kunst or Artists of this collective almost pulled off the upset on White Star in the quarter finals, to barely survive a two inning bronze match with the Zombie Apocalypse. Luckily, the tie break was settle with rock, paper, scissors and the Kunstballers made it to the podium, or was it a bar ?
Best Team Outfits : The Eighth Street Regale, mixed a combination of fashion fetish with skin tight play. And although the t-shirt design of Kickin it Old School was the cleanest design, The Eighth Street Regale was dirty to start. For their efforts World of Style Vintage will lace you up with some thirsty threads. An very honorable mention also goes out to the The Snatch and Grabs, who even without their team Caption, Jack "the foot" Amoroso, played with winning spirit and great socks.
Best Catch : Jennifer Simpson, of The Runs, Team Captain Cootah had clearly thought he had brought in some ringers from Philly, but the team star was clearly Jen Simpson, who wouldn't let anyone get to second base with her. Nine Lives Skate Shop, is going to hook her up with one of their most famous, I love JC, shirts.

Here are some links to some kickball action. Send me your stuff.
Cara - The Runs
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Until Next Year or later today,
dancing tony