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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

this is it : AWM plays glasslands tonight !!

Tonight, American Watercolor Movement is playing with experimental artists, Borts Minorts (11pm) from San Fransico at The Famed Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg. We play at 10 pm with New York's Psychadelic, experimental rockers , White Hills at 10 pm. Rita Braga , hailing from Lisboa, PT, plays a K-POP/2-step/electronica groove opens at 8 pm.

Founding member, John Fesken is moving to Atlanta at the end of this month. He promises to come back and visit (and play), but this may be the last time you see this AWM line-up. So come out to Brooklyn if ya can, if not you may be canned. You can also help get some cans of dog food in the dish at the Mighty Mutts Animal Rescue Benefit Show at Otto's tonight. Thew Poconos also rock Asbury Lanes tonight.

Back in JC, Ladies have to make theit choice between the irresistible Leonard Smalls and his special ladies night-time and the happy days coolness of Dj Al FONZ! at the Lamp Post. Choose wisely or you may have to walk the extra block.

Friday's double dose, comes from 143 Columbus. You can check out the Whoods CD release party on the First Floor on the early side and then close out the night with DJ's Megan Vegan and DJ Soul a couple of floors up. Don't get lost. Beforehand, come celebrate the opening of Ali's (lamppost) new bar. Ellis, in Park Slope. Right down on Jersey Ave. JC's newest Snealer Boutique Daily Dose has their Grand Opening. It's followed by CD release at Grand Banks. Check out their MySpace for the full

Saturday, JC's Olympic Kickball takes the field by the White Star Bar. If you want to play and need a team, come at noon for the scab match. We'll pair you up with some nice people. I've got a couple of team spaces left, but you better be bad-ass if think you have a chance to beat teams with names like, the Runs or Zombie Apocalypse. email me at if you are in the schedule will be posted tomorrow. The Gold Medal final will be at 7 pm. Last Place Match is at 6 pm.

After the kickball dust clears, you may want to get out of town to head down to an Arcade Jungle in Pearth Amboy. Video Game Protector-Collector, Jeff, who's had a couple of digital delights at Toyeater's, is opening up his warehouse for a fun filled fanfare. Natty Adams of the 8-Bit Crowd spins tunes with extra sounds on site. There's also a Warehouse party at 660 Grand on Saturday Night, and The Brixton Riot and The Campbell Apartment play the Lamppost.

In Newark, The Meltdowns, The Frozen Gentlemen, rock a fundraiser for a documentary on the effects of War in contemporary Cambodia. Check out Kilkenny Ale House at 8pm.

Rock on & Out .