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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Week in Renew, Review and Preview

wow that happened quickly... Toyeaters closed down last week. It seems that Frank Sinatra's nephew came through on his promise and forced the crew to flee to places North, West and East. Things must have been pretty crazy as the largest collection of adult magazines was left behind. Gods Speed Toy Eaters we will miss you..........

In their wake, the Toy Eaters space is something Lex is looking to continue as a community performance space, there are two rooms available for living/creating ($800/$850). Ideal for an artist/promoter type. Contact (the full email is below)

The weather is stellar, so I am heading out to the beach today, but will return to set things up for the Groove on Grove performance at 6 pm. Today's band is Contramano, Argentinian band based our of Brooklyn. There is no movie tonight at Van Vorst park, but things roll again with the Princess Bride on July 9th. It will be a triple header with both Well Baby and the 1 and 9's playing at Grove Street. Tonight Jahna from Mr. Badger spins at the Lamp Post as we bid a hello and goodbye to Alix and her husband Scout.

By tonight, you may want to get your weekend in full swing, with the July 4th Holiday falling on Friday, Wednesday is the new Thursday and since some of you may have summer Fridays, Thursday would then become the new Friday. Either way, here's what for you.

Thursday: July Three Dance Party @ the Lamp Post with Dancing Tony and Cat Juggler at The Lamp Post.

Friday : July 4th BBQ at Morris Canal. Contact me at about being a cool person and bringing something.

Saturday : Closing Party at 58 for Kirk Bray's Elevated

Sunday : Return to Morris Canal for Sunday Volleyball

Make a note, sorry but I've got some Paddleball to play.

from lex

ART SPACES FOR RENT!Details and terms:There are THREE rooms available on the first floor of the 143 Building, which houses Lex Leonard Gallery.The layout:Three rooms, one large communal area, one large kitchen and 1.5 restrooms. Two of the rooms are of decent size with two windows each. The third room is small and has its own toilet (perfect for office or micro studio). The communal area is to be used as gallery, arts programming and performance area by both tenants and other members of the arts community at the discretion of gallery director (yours truly) and tenants of this floor. The communal area will be laid out and managed in the same fashion as Lex Leonard Gallery - professionally and uber neat.The main focus of this space and 143 as a whole is art as it relates to community enrichment. The rooms are to be used as studios, but the communal area exists for the purpose of art programming for the community. Daily activity such as occasional play rehearsals/readings, poetry readings, art openings, workshops, photo shoots and the likes should be expected and shouldn't interfere with tenant use of private space and communal facilities. In many cases these events will be those that you as a tenant may have organized. It is not a "party" space, hall for hire, late night hang, after-hours, rock club or storage facility. If you've been to Lex Leonard Gallery then you'll know what to expect.This is a great opportunity for that artist or craftsperson that's looking to be part of a true community oriented arts space. Rates are reasonable. Great opportunity to earn extra income as a tenant as well. Available as of July 15!If seriously interested reply to this posting asap.Thank you.