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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thunder Tonight at Nine PM

sorry kids. although rainy day parade was ready to go, they had to call in a favor with their old studio mates, tokyo blades and fill in this bill. they can be caught at Hank's Saloon on Friday, and back on the block on Sat, for Lucky's Seven's BBQ with WJ & the Sweet Sacrifice and Steve Clark and John Becker.

the movie in van vorst washes up the 30th with The namesake, while the safekeepers of anthems, the Milwaulkees will play the jc side of the Grove PATH next wednesday.

completely unaffected by today's weather was : The Favorite Band of the Week's perforance of The Bends at Arlene Grocery tonight at nine. don't leave them ____ & ____.

still nothing beats my heart like this .