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Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Elemental and Delicious, You Shell Shag

From: James Black ...

TOY EATERS LIVES!!!Hello you beautiful maniacs....Toy Eaters here...and we must humbly bid you all a hearty thank those who performed....thank those who donated time and effort...thank those who attended....thank you.....and to the Dancing Man and the Hippie.....thank you!!! We here at the toy love this town and love doing what we do...and as always... it was great hearing the encouraging words and seeing the smiling faces of JerseyTown So moving on....the rumors are true...our beloved Chris Brooks has been far as we can tell from fleeting eye-witness accounts and dodgy police unknown descendant of Frank Sinatra made good on his threats and fell upon Chris in Atlantic City sometime this body has been found.... if anyone has information on this case please contact us here at Toy Eaters....a mighty viking funeral is in the works....-long live the heat-Friday the 27th@ Toy Eaters StudioDeliciousShellshagTBADJ Billylights by Norm FrancoeurCootah makin change5$ suggested donationbyob ok-- -Toy Eaters Studio-143 C. Columbus Drive, in the GRAF, half a stairwell up