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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Volleyball is on.

Volleyball is on for today - Father's Day.

For future reference follow these rules.

It is never too hot for volleyball - but you should bring extra water to keep hydrated.
We don't play in steady rain, but if there are isolated storms or occasional showers we will most likely play. Rain can be refreshing when it's over 80 degrees.

We set up around 1:30 - if I am running late call me on my cell 973-219-9696 and I will up date you on how loading my car with the net, the radio, water, a cooler and my dog(s) are coming.

Can I bring alcohol to the park ? Park rules prohibit alcohol. But police officers have never inspected the contents of red plastic cups to my knowledge. ie don't flaunt it.

Do you bbq every week ? Usually on special occasions. Like Holidays. Such as July 4th, but if you are planning bringing food to cook so you may also want to plan to bring a bbq to cook it on and stuff to share.

How much does it cost to play volleyball ? Volleyball is free to play, but offering to chip in to bring something for everyone to share makes good neighbors. In addition, we plan to upgrade our net this year so I will be expecting contributions from everyone to cover the costs.

Do I have to be a professional to play volleyball ? Although we have been playing for years , you only need to be courteous and try your best to play.

I play professionally can I play ? of course. It is simple, we play to have fun in a competitive way. There is no trophy at the end of the season, so the best you can end up with is new friends. If you want something more competitive join the Spike League in Hoboken. Keep in mind that this is for fun and we don't have a referee so it is important to play fair.

How are teams chosen. I do my best to mix things up using a non-traditional way of randomizing teams. Sometimes you may have to wait before you can play. I do my best to get everyone in on playing with one net.