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Sunday, January 26, 2014

JC Rolls out the Green Carpet for the Broncos and Seahawks or Sunday Night Football in JC

Hello people from the state that created Football Jerseys.

As you may know, this years Superbowl is here in New York. With the exception of the actual game, the two Championship teams are staying here in Jersey City (Rumor has it,  Governor Christie said it could be difficult crossing the Hudson). Anyway, today there are two fan and family friendly events taking place; at 4pm AFC Champions, The Denver Broncos be welcomed at the Hyatt, and at 8pm NFC Champions The Seattle Seahawks will be welcomed to yes my friends Jersey City. Home of the Homes for the Superbowl.
There will be field goal kicking, hot chocolate, giveaways and music provided by yours truly, Dancing Tony. Oh and John Elway and Pete Carroll with be on hand at the events. You Game ?

Afterwards tonight, DJ William McCamie spins at Lucky's.