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Friday, March 4, 2011

city wide arts to engulf sleep burrough - culture expected to swell beyond tolerable levels

Run to the supermarket and start hoarding as many "c"  batteries as the courtesy clerk will allow you to purchase, a great storm that has been brewing for the last three months again will threaten our quaint village ! sadly we sacrificed our only virgin the last time the JCFridays Dragon appeared and now it looks as the city will feel the full force of this art breathing monster. Sensational stories have already appeared in the windows of Fifty Eight Gallery, as newsman Ken Bastard (formerly wLITM news) has posted giant 5 foot warning signs that date back to the first appearance of the JC Fridays Dragon in the 1930's. This PULP should be taken seriously, and these in need of cleansing their AUDIO BODIES can do so with the OLDE GHOST's power. Mind you, others have gathered to to anticipate this attack and you can take shelter at any of these listed places . Fearing an apocolypse, many have planned to gather at 660 Grand later this evening to ask one of the last Dragon Slayers for help. Prey for us.

Recovery can be short lived on Saturday. As our sister city, Hoboken, will be engulfed in a green storm of St. Patricks Day. Fear not my love, you can always escape to Newark for more art.

Sunday, a Dragons revenge awaits with 4th Street Art Chili cook-off. Parlay studios (behind Shoprite) host this second annual event. Bring the heat 2 pm to 6 pm.

NEXT SATURDAY MARCH 12 th : Thomas Francis Takes His Chances at the Cake Shop 8 pm | Everymen Record Release party

a creative grove / 58 gallery benefit |march 26, 7:30 pm - midnight |free bowling, bands, food, drinks, art
$20 |$15 with a non perishable food donation)

Live Music by: Roland Ramos (Reggae), The Audio Exiles (Punk Rock), Junestar (Hip - Funk - Soul ),
Ladell McLin Trio (Funk/Blues), Wyldlife (Dirty rock)
Free Disco Bowling by DJ Motor Funker, Lighting and Thunder by Norm Francoer, after party at Lucky Seven's with DJ Leonard Smalls,

for more information

APRIL 9th : Game Show Fever at ART HOUSE