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Monday, March 21, 2011

Underground Art Leaders call for City-Wide Art Strike Saturday March 26th

For Immediate Release (and prolonged pleasure)

(Jersey City, NJ) Uta Brauser from Creative Grove and Orlando Reyes of the Fifty Eight  announced a planned Art Strike for Saturday March 26th. In a joint communique, leader of the rebel forces and noted "Outlaw", Orlando Reyes said that five Bandtallions will join the 58th infantry in the artsault on the Barrow Mansion. Creative Grove, art strong woman Uta Brauser also vowed to unleash a barrage of art on the facility. Brauser, in an earlier interview, cited that several local artists had already donated pieces to help the rebels funding efforts. Additionally, illuminationist Norm Francoer,  pledged to light up the mansion, going so far to say that he plans to make turns "the bowling alley in the basement into a disco inferno". This assertion was reiterated by DJ Motor Funker who guaranteed a sound throw down of epic proportions. Further claims by the Dancing Tony, the groups Sinsiter of Information, of a stockpile of Rockit Docket's could not be confirmed at press time.  However, even without verifying this information, our sources were able to confirm that the group has gone so far as to establish a safe corridor between the Mansion and Lucky Sevens in the event the group needs to retreat to higher ground with a planned curfew to take place at midnight.

Volunteers and new recruits can contact Dancing Tony at  for further information in helping the cause.

Listed Below is the full communique.


A Spilt Fundraiser for Creative Grove artist and designer market and the 58 Longevity Fund

-----------BOWLING, BANDS , ART , FOOD---------------

Tickets $20 or $15 with non perishable food for the St. Matthews church pantry, (we always accept higher donations with open arms :)

ticket presales fridays at CREATIVE GROVE (2 - 8 pm, Grove street x Newark ave) or online, paypal address

Live Performances by

7:45 June Star MrBalckman and the Afro Charlie Sheens (hip-funk-soul)!/profile.php?id=100000701487177

8: 35 The Radio Exiles (Punk)

9:25 Roland Ramos Presents (Reggae)

10:15 Ladel McLin (funky-blues)

11:05 Wyldlife (dirty rock)

Free Disco Bowling with Motor Funker in the Basement.

LIGHTning and Thunder by Norm Francoer

AFTER PARTY DJ Leonard Smalls and Dancing Tony at Lucky Sevens

Flyer image by Cara Christopher |  Layout Mike Mandracchia

About the organizations.

Please join us for an opportunity to help two vital art organizations here in Jersey City. Creative Grove (Arts in Action, a non profit for the arts), provides an outdoor space in the public where artists can showcase themselves, bring installations, interactive ideas, work for sale, performances, music, deejays and build an independent market place for the locally handmade.. 58 Longevity Fund is a non profit organization raising money to help 58 Gallery with zoning issues and grant support.

About the bands :

ROLAND RAMOS PRESENTS @ 7:45 : Roland Ramos hosts the Tempest Open Jam on Wednesday Night's at the Lamppost. In addition to booking his own events. Ramos,  plays solo and with Forbidden Fruit.

RADIO EXILES @ 8:35 Evoking elements of the Clash and Gang Gang Dance, Radio Exiles will lead you to water and force you to dance.

JUNESTAR MRBLACKMAN AND THE CHARLIE AFRO SHEENS @ 9:25 : Junestar cool collection resembles an affection towards grooving beyond a simple patter. Think psychedelic argyle leather jeans.

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ladell Mclin

Ladell has been described as an artist who possesses the ability to transcend the bounds of conventional music through his muse, the blues. Born on the South Side of Chicago, a notable center for the blues, Ladell discovered the music that would be profoundly influential in his life. He then worked to hone his seemingly natural talents on the guitar.

Nurtured by his musical family’s close ties to Chicago’s most notable and historic creators of the blues, Ladell began playing at Buddy Guy’s famed nightclub, Legends, with musicians such as John Primer, and Eddie Burks. Ladell then became a touring member of the James “Blood” Ulmer and Fernando Jones’ bands.

WYLDLIFE @ 11:05

Forming out of Purchase College, Wyldlife quickly strided into the New York music scene with a pair of leather boots on their feet and a mission in their hearts: to bury the days of tame rock and roll. Still digging on their collection of 70′s punk and power pop, perhaps the boys were born into the entirely wrong decade altogether? Or perhaps they realize that to get an audience on its feet, all that’s need is a fast beat and a loud melody- a timeless simplicity enhanced with refined grit that has (nearly) been lost in today’s clutter of rock boredom. The Nicotine EP, Wyldlife’s newest and highly-addictive release, is guaranteed to create arguments over which track is best.

With an insanely kinetic live show that has been compared to Iggy & The Stooges, The Hives and The Ramones, it seems that all ground is covered. The gang is onto something bigger and want to take you along for the ride.

Let’s move!
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