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Friday, February 25, 2011

(record) Riots spread to the eastern part of Jersey City

Hey kids,

Yeah what's this a blog ? I knwo you get all of your hard core event info from facebook. but let's face unless you are planning a people's revolution, maybe we are under utilizing this whole democracy thing ?

Anyway I don't want to go on laike coloenel Gaddaffi here so let me tell you this good people. The youth of Jersey City is rising up to take on new challanges and hopefully I will come to my surrender terms soon eneough and pass on the digital torch to this blog. For now gather my friends and enjoy life.

This Saturday at Parlay Studios. Million of citizens will gather to support that classic media medium vinyl for a RECORD RIOT. Early birds can pay some extra cash to get in at ten, common folk and acoustics can pay $3 to get in at noon. the records stop spinning at six.

Next Friday is JC Fridays for a full listing. At 58, we have Ken Bastard's PULP, a take on those sexy flashy magazine covers. To add to the boot we have Old Ghost and the Audiobodies performing. Dangerous Dave of Wyldlife spinns all night.

Saturday I'll be in Newark for an art opening at Aferro Gallery. Miss Lady Beth Ann Morrison, has a big piece that will require a 10 foot u-haul to bring it.

Next Sunday is the Fourth Street Chili Cook-off

And just a save the dates

March 26th : The Art Strike | A split fundraiser for Creative Grove and 58 Longevity| Live music, Disco Bowling , Art, etc.

April 9 th : Game Show Mania | A dual fund raiser for Pop up Art and Art House Productions. A Price is Righteous event

Okay my citymen and woemen I need to go the protesters are at the gates