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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

surf and your turf (updated - again )

Thanks to everyone who made it out for Groove on Grove Wednesday Night. With our schedule booked and our supply of 12 x 12 tents our shows will be on every Wednesday unless Hurricane or Thunderstorms are rolling through. Bongo Surf played a 75 minute set and Will again make waves on August 15th with a Coney Island Boardwalk gig. Next week we welcome Kilsy with a side if side project, the Bossa-nova styled Touristas for hopefully a sun drenched evening. We all missed the Coffin Daggers, but their drummer Pete is playing at Frank Sinatra park with the Swingin Neckbreaker and and a two drummer band tonight (R) at 7pm.

The threat of rain postponed The Film at Van Vorst , the Visitor to next next Wednesday. As far as I know nothing prevented Kevin Spkyer DJ Purple Stuff at the Lamp Post tonight (W) , DJ Sup Babes is at Luckys and DJ Birbal has relocated Give the Drummer to the Star Bar on Wednesday

Thursday I am spinning at the Lamppost. Tonight will now of course be a MJ Karaoke Tribute For the records, I'll be at the White Star Bar Saturday Night with an all vinyl affair. Thursday, we've also the Mr. Afternoon Funtastic Figure Drawing at 58. It's a quirky quick pacer life drawing class that starts at 7pm. $10 donation, if you are coming straight from work, there will be a supply of art stuff for sale from Hudson County Art Supply. Afterwards it's me (again) , or Ladies Night at Luckys with DJ Leonard Smalls , also JCGLO is sponsoring a Disco Costumed party at the Star Bar, also its this weekend is the Pride Parade in NYC .

Friday, the art market, Creative Grove is back. I have been besides artists and craftswomen, uta is also looking for DJ's and bands to play. so if you want in contact her through the Creative Grove website. I'll be by with a new Philly transplant to play at around 3 pm. It should be a good warm-up for Art House Productions big SUMMER BLOW-OUT. with a "DJ Soul" Dance Party and a Special Performance by the Jack Parsons Moon Project This event is only $5 and they've got some fun raffles and goodies to share . If you can help set up contact Christine or Jack at .

On the art side, Joe Russo , has a multi-media exhibit at 660 Grand for LAETITA , some of Joe Photographs will also be on display. He is a regular lens, who photgraphed events at 58 and at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Jonathan's opening for WK and the Invader (check out the video on the right) is on Saturday. There's usually a cool after party. Get to the gallery before nine if you want to get in. There's also an art opening at the Skylight Gallery that Saturday evening (look right)

Let me get back to Friday though, The One and Nines are playing O'Hara's Fridays Night with WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice at IMAC. On Saturday Night, Brine and the Bastards are at the Lamppost. Also on Saturday Night, The Whoods are playing at Abbeys 2 in Bayonne as part of the Board to Live Fundraiser at Abbeys Too. The event features skateboards transformed into different forms of art 25 artists. The event actually starts on Friday with Live Music and then Has Poly Abuse and Whoods on Saturday and then finally on Sunday, Middle Poet and Skrypted speak the word with Beats by Lady J. Facebook Info Here .

Again Let me get back to Friday because its Claudia's Birthday Party at the Lamppost on Friday with DJ's Caligula and Scottie L (aka JCDJs - check out his blog here) . And Lex is having a party at his cribbapple.
It's the part 2 of the Party of the Seven B's, with one of them being BYOB

I think that puts me back to Saturday afternoon. From 1 pm to 3 pm LITM's Jelynne hist a class class on being an entrepreneur (and we all know its hard enough to spell as it is!!) " The first part of the class will cover the mind game of becoming an entrepreneur. The second part will cover the planning stages, creative financing, industry specific information, incorporating and other technical business topics. and then there will be a Q+A session for you to ask all of your unanswered questions. Plus...we'll cover "What Jelynne would do differently if she started all over again. "If you want to start your own small restaurant or retail store, reserve today.$35 per student, includes a FREE copy of my book, "Restaurant From Scratch". Coming out in Fall 2009 " On a related Note NEW magazine's summer/fall edition just his the streets. With a picture of our Orlando Reyes on the Cover with stories about running and supporting our local businesses.

Also on the business side, Kathleen from World of Style Vintage is hocking some personal items with some other vintage babes at 275 7th Street there's Vinyl, Clothes, Shoes, Books, vintage items, small dog clothing, books, knick-knacks, costume jewelry, and more!!!. Wheel it and deal it. Make sure you pick up something Americana for our July 3rd American Idols Costume party at 58. This party will be make you an Icon.

The Weather looks good enough for Sunday Volleyball, things are starting to warm up enough where a little rain will only scare away the wicked witch, we are on for Sunday. Let me know what you plan to bring for our July 4th Volleyball Fireworks Spectacular. If you didn't hear Macy's is officially paying homage to New Jersey Shoppers by moving the fireworks to the Hudson River. Oops so much for your Brooklyn Rooftop this year.

Also on Sunday, Carla is breaking out the Love Lotion and Potions and perhaps some electrical erotics for a Sex Toy party at Balance at 3pm. You could also head up to JSQ for an afternoon of Belly Dance performances at the Journal Square Cafe, things start shaking at 4 pm. It's a Belly Dancing Extravaganza with over 40 Belly Dancers performing.

Let me percervier into Monday and Tuesday Nights so I can rest peacefully and prepare for my big days and next weekend. This Monday DJ Birbal is a Lamp Post, he's switching of with LuLu on Mondays. Need to know who is there, just show up or call 201-222-1331.

On Tuesday Night. Melissa Surach moves the Babyhole Enterprise to IMAC for her Summer Season Debut. Equipping herself with a true stage, the stand up night will be hands down a good time. It's still free, This week the House of Leaves play. Former sex slave to Big Tabacco, Ralph may be on double duty with dj-ing at the LP ? I don't know see number above :)

sorry thats all i can write.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Loverboy was right about something even if their fashion sense may have been a little off. It all adds up to this the weekend ? Really? well maybe not really. Anywhom, last night I caught the Jersey City debut of Scottie L aka DJJC at the Lamppost. He was in filling it in for my little bro Cootah, this Saturday they both ship them selves off to the Gaslight in Hoboken (Adams and 4th ) for a transplant able JC party. Saturday is loaded sandwich served on Seven Grained Heads; with Steff " Street Justice" Kautzmann (Lamp Post Wednesdays) womanninng the Vinyl Solution at the White Star, Andrea WK is teaming up with Leonard Smalls at Luckys and Billy Filo (Twilight Procession/Higgins) is spinning at the Lamppost this Saturday Night. Plus DJ Soul "George Fernandez" and Meagan Wagner are spinning 660 Grand's Depression Era Party ( This dynamic DJ Duo also spins Art House's Summer Blow-out on Friday the 27th)

Tonight is Friday so do let me readdress myself. With Eric Brown on a Greyhound Bus passing through Dawson Pass, the monopoly of the mustached (Caligula) is at the Lamppost to skoul you. If you are still stuck in the City make your way home via Bar 13 for Dj William McCamie Deep Soul Sounds he actually does this every Friday and things are enhanced with an extended Happy Hour and a Rooftop Bar (As you may have heard DJ Bill also spins Industry Night at Lucky's ). If you need a plan B at midnight tonight (F), head to 143 for the Seven b's party. Ladies are free, but guys will get a stung at the door.

Shifting from playing music to making music, The Boro Six Festival is going on in Montclair/Bloomfield this weekend. Featuring many bands that make Jersey City their second or first home, you can catch Ben Franklin (F) , The McMickle Brothers (S), Bern and the Brights (S) , and the One and Nines playing the Festival Finale on Sunday Night. You can also catch the Freak Flames of Flaming Fire with Haunted Pussy II and Musical Comedian and Babyhole Featured Performer Jessica Delfino tonight (F) in at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Also touring out of town tonight are Any Day Parade and the Roadside Graves who are playing at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick. Try your luck with the door staff here, they are infamous for being smugger than a flea circus at a carpet outlet !!

Saturday's Big Daytime draw is also out of town, as the Mermaid Parade washes up on the shores of Coney Island. Sea Nymphs and Warlocks play in Neptune's world of wonder. The Parade starts at 2pm with Harvey Keitel as King Neptune, (Better watch out Jersey Girls for the Bad Lieutenant)

Sunday does seem like a wash-out for Volleyball, but don't despair, your games on indoors at Passout Records with Mister Badger and then head out to Kitty Nights : NYC Rising Stars of Burlesque. Magdela Fox who entertained us for Robert Piersanti's opening reception at 58, is on board for this show and will also be posing for 58's hosting of Mr. Afternoon's Funtastic Figure Drawing Bonanza this Thursday. Bring your trade tools (charcoal, magic markers) for an unique skteching experience you will need to rsvp beforehand. Plus Hudson County Art Supply will have some supplies on hand as well as a door prize. In addition to this, Paul Vincent Studios is hosting their life drawing class on Tuesdays, space is limited for this week so contact if you want in.

Even with a wash-out for Volleyball, you can start getting your RED, WHITE and BLUE outfits ready for our closing reception for Dylan Egon's United Saints of Oil on July 3rd. The reception runs from 7 to 10 pm and then an things transform into an American Idol after party. Dress as your favorite American Idol or Icon, we don't need a roomful of Paula Abduls and Simon Whoever. Then on July 4th, it's our annual July 4th Volleyball Picnic at Morris Canal. t make things extra special I spoke with Macy's about doing a Fireworks show. Thank me later.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

read it and

After Grove on Grove this Wednesdya 6 pmn to 8 pm

Art House has a reading of TALLGRASS GOTHIC by Melanie Marnich today, WEDNESDAY , JUNE 17TH, 2009 its FREE! Cast Megan WagnerAlex AliotoRichard CR KirkwoodVictor ArmoohJennifer PontonCem Uyanik Stage DirectionsStephanie Lubalin Directed By Matteo Masiello Art House ProductionsHamilton Square1 McWilliams Place, 6th FloorJersey City, NJ(SE Corner of Hamilton Park near Erie St/8th St) About "Tallgrass Gothic"The longing, isolation, desire and fear of the classic Jacobean tragedy The Changeling are transported to the Great Plains of the Midwest in this haunting tale. At the center of the story is Laura, whose need to leave her small, rural home and controlling husband is ignited when she falls in love with a man who offers her escape and a future. But in this place where history and its ghosts populate the landscape, Laura's hunger for a new beginning sets off a violent chain of events that leads her not out of town, but to a profound (and terrifying) understanding of her true nature. (cut and pasted)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something Ventured : Something Gained

grab a six pack and your art supplies friends. the Paul Vincent studios is hosting Life Drawing class on Tuesday Nights starting tonight (T). The models are booked for the next three weeks and if things go well the classes will run into July. Similarly and after a long delay, Jon Besante, who has been planning an Dr. Sketchy Anti Art School esque type life drawing class at 58 is planning a class for Thursday June 25th . You can call him at 201-420-0202 if you would like to attend or model.

a new business model just rolled up in Jersey City, Easy Riders offers bicycle tours and rentals, let them take you for a ride the easy way ;) Now maybe a good time to convert your place into a youth hostel

Artist Fred Kluth, who recently became a father is looking to start up a new dad support network.

and you are looking to start a dog family these American Staffordshire Terrier mixes will be up for adoption. They are being house trained and going through basic training with Karina contact her at if you are interested.

Wednesday, Groove on Grove is back with Bern and the Brights and WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice. You can also help support the local music scene at the 4th Street Art and Music Festival Clothing and Accessory Swap.

I am out and out of communication, my cell phone was murdered. the FBI-AUTO line is stillup if you need me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

who is going to love you in a do-it-yourself scene ?

Sorry, I was busy living and couldn't give you my take on what you should do with your life. As always, a lot of events are already posted on the right hand side of my blog so feel free to hype yourself to them. Actually, Autumn and I, just got back from Williamsburg's Northside Art and Music Festival. Bedford Ave was closed down and peeps zooming about where we ran into Fish with Braids Gallery and Boutique owner Uta with her wares Besides her space, Uta's drive brought the Creative Grove market to the Grove PATH on Fridays. Hit her up if you want to get crafty with her. If you need some material, hopefully you checked out the Jersey City Craft Mafia's Detash and Amass material swap at Stockinette today (as in now).

Tonight (S), Scenemaker, Lamppost Bartender and Band Booker Joe Conderacci's Third Party Plays at Lamp Post with Fairmont. the IMAC Has Colonel Pratt here's the full line-up Brian Molnar, Joe Cassady, Bryan Baxter and the Last Great American Band & Colonel Pratt. Actually bands I am booking Thursday Nights starting in July at the IMAC. Please note : I am looking to mix townies with tourists, and cant have you if you are touring jc that weekend. Baking up the Scene, Made with Love Organics has Live Jazz with Ann Fizman

My DJ tour is on tonight, I am at Lucky's with Leonard Smalls. My punk rock twin Neil McCoy is is spinning at The White Star (Pavonia and Brunswick) oh but that too far me ? Really ? Feel free to check all (or none) of us out tonight.

Even with some possible thunderstorms tomorrow Volleyball on ? Call me 973-219-9696 or check out the blog for an update. If you are not planning on going to the Mermaid Parade next Saturday. Maybe you would like to join the Derelict Garden Tools play the Morristown Madams Roller Derby Team on the 20th. I've got room in my car. Let me know.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The sky is half full or Get your GonG on.

JC Fridays really kicked off a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it out and made it. Here's a link to Joe Russo's pictures from our opening for Dylan Egon's United Saints of Oil at 58 and Dylan's link some of his prints. This show and most of the art exhibits that opened on JC Fridays are still up, so you still have a chance to check them out. In addition, get your outfits ready for an American Idol Costume Party on July 3rd, as well as July 4th for our annual Volleyball BBQ at Morris Canal.

Our Groove on Grove, for JC Fridays was also a great success, thank to The Black Hollies, The One and Nines, The Milwaukees, and Jupiter One who rocked it under the Big Top. Today (W) The Demands and The Subway Surfers will bring the musical thunder. Expect some black leather and dark humor from Subway Surfer's front man Eric Fusco. The Demands, Jahna Rain, who also plays with Mister Badger will keep you warm between her verses.

After the show, head over to Van Vorst Park for the season opener of Van Vorst Park Assocation's Film's in Van Vorst Park . Tonight's movie is Iron Man. A full list of the shows is here . Movies are every other Wednesday, they start at about 8:30 pm, rain dates are the following Wednesday. Bring a chair or blanket, and some popcorn. This Friday, Art House Productions, is presenting a "Bad Movie" Night by screening Wicker Man, I haven't seen it, but based on their billing I assume that heckling and talking may be allowed during the show. Just don't screen "FIRE"

Late Tonight (W), it should be DJ Sup Babes (Brian Grundle) at Lucky's and Steff is hosting a Soft Rock Party with LULU. Beforehand, they'll have the Yankees Red Sox and the Phillies Mets Games playing for a soft jock rock.

Thanks for the humble showing at the White Star last Saturday Night for the debut of Sit and Spin Saturdays. Matt and I tinkered with needles and the mixer for the first 30 minutes, but after that it was all all WAX affair. This week, Uncle Joe's Veteran, the CEO of Something to do Thursdays, Neil McCoy spins. Next Saturday Street Justice does her thang. I am on for this Thursday at the Lamppost as Leonard Smalls plays cross-street at Lucky's, just dance your way up there or down here to see us.

For some real great dance performances, check out the Nimbus Dance Works 5th Season Home Opening Performance at Grace Van Vorst Church. Thursday's performance features live music by NYC-based Chorus, The New Amsterdam Singers. The Gala opening is also a fundraiser for the Church's Community programs, such as their Breakfast Plus program and their Senior services. There's a champagne reception after the performance on Thursday. Performances also run Friday and Saturday with student/Senior rates as well. Here's the link for tickets.

Friday, June 5, 2009

the best inTENTions

Don't let the rain get you down. We've got a tent for the JCFridays Groove on Grove show

Thursday, June 4, 2009

sometimes there just isnt enough letters in the d-a-y

Look i really really love to tell you everything that's going on this weekend. I've posted most of it in pictures to the right, but i f i miss something this time around its because there is a sh!tload of stuff going on this weekend. I know you prefer a one horse town or a two trick pony, but we live by the water, so get used to the idea that and octopus needs to come ashore every once in a while and ink this place up. Of course, I say this with no disrespect to those of you who don't like to see our little urbian "littered" with flyers, but not everyone gets their information from the Internet : post on.

Maybe it was Obama's speech in Cairo, but Middle Eastern Dance seems to be surging these days. Tonight (R)Emiline and Ariel ( x- Grassroots Community Mondays) perform at Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City. As part of JC Fridays, the Hoboken/Jersey City Bellydancing Meet-up Group perform at the Journal Square Cafe (above Cohen Optical - near Loew's Theater). And Saturday, I am dj-ing for a Paws and Shimmy Animal Shelter Fundraiser at the Elks Club in Hoboken. The event features Middle Eastern and Salsa Dance Performance, Food and Drinks included 7pm to 10 pm $25 adv/$30 door Contact for tickets. After Paws and Shimmy, I'll be DJ-ing for the debut of Sit and Spin Saturdays at The White Star Bar.

Performance Enhancing a bunch of other things, you can catch Chico Mann headlining tonight's (R) Afrobeat Ferstival at the Kniiting Factory. Bryan Beninghove is got his downtown shakedown at the IMAC tonight (R) , and Pow Wow plays Santos Party House. Damn as you know JCFridays is pretty Heavy, we've got Flaming Fire at 10 pm for Dylan Egon's United Saints of Oil art opening at 58 . Grove on Grove has The Black Hollies play first at 6 pm, then it's The One and Nines at 7 pm, The Milwaukees are at 8pm, with Jupiter One at 9 pm. LITM provides liquidity. The Black Hollies enocore at the Grand Banks with The Fringe Dwellers, Any Day Parade and the Novellas. the IMAC also has a special FREE show for JCFRIDAYS and Made with Love Organic Bakery has more than cakes cooking :) DJ Street Justice will keep things going later at 58 and Caligula is at the LP.

Again, besides the many art openings for JC Fridays, on Thursday, Fish with Braids Gallery hosts a reception for Animal Pharm by Lee P. Johnson, On Saturday Night, The Resonating Object Group Art Show curated by Gocha Tsinadze (opens at the Lex Leonard Gallery. Along with the art show there is also live performances. The Catherdal Arts Festival at Grace Church features live music, spoken word and art on Saturday Night at 8:00pm. There's a Dance RockParty at the IMAC, Hotchacha from Cleveland plays with locals little big, the secret photos and the unstoppable death machines. At the Lamppost, the alien space ship lands as Manchild and Mr. Pants and the Adventure Soundtrack performs. Moonlight Mile (123 Harrison St, Hoboken) host WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice (10:30 pm) and Any Day Parade (9:30 pm) they've got a bbq at 7 pm but get there early if you want to eat or bring your own grillings.

Finally and speaking of grilling, Cootah's Annual Picnic is back on for this Sunday, and the forecast is right. Bring Games, Food and Blanket, but check your bad vibes, psycho drama at home or at least locked up to your bike. I'll be bringing the kickball set, I am looking for some recruits for a June 20th k-ball tournament vs the Morristown Madame Roller Derby Team in Morristown. Plus save, Saturday July 17th for the first round of JC Olympics, god willing. Volleyball is still on for Sunday at Morris Canal. Chad's got then net and radio be there at 1 pm to set up.

Grassroots also their Soulful Sundays Pot Luck dinner on every Sundays too, on Mondays are now Meditation Mondays, Chess Nights are Wednesdays, and Au Capoeira Classes are Tuesdays/Thursdays/and Saturdays check out their schedule on their website.

thats a wrap.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preservations Required

While New York City is preparing to open the The High Line. as usual, we are struggling to save ours. The first of many, CHARITY:EMBANKMENT dinners hosted by Atelier Production to generate awareness within the community, and to raise funds for the Embankment Preservation Coalition happens tonight (T) at OX Restaurant on Newark . Just down the street, the New Orleans Preservation Society is hosting an art exhibit and fundraiser at LITM for rehabilitation workers still rebuilding from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The art show will be up all month, and LITM is also hosting the acclaimed documentary, Trouble the Water on Saturday Afternoon at 1 pm. Skip your Tuesday taco night and come out to support to great causes at great restaurants. Afterwards check out singer songwriter night at Lucky Sevens.

This Friday is a JC Friday and this town should be hopping enough to shake everyone out on the streets. 58 is hosting Dylan Egon's The United Saints of Oil, plus we have the very engaging Flaming Fire - (no actual flames just music heat) Performing at 10 pm. Steff "Street Justice" will also be burning it up on the decks. Groove on Grove also moves to Friday with the Black Hollies, The One and Nines, The Milwaukees and Jupiter One under the glow of the PATH Station Lights. JC Fridays Event Creators, Art House Productions , host an enchanting Late Night Curiosities at 9:30 and 11 pm. On Thursday they have the final Art House open mike until October. There's plenty more for me to talk about, but my lips are calling for breakfast right now . Here's the full listing In addition, Rock and Sushi : For the Love of Music at Grand Banks hosts The Fringe Dwellers, Any Day Parade, The Novellas, and an encore performance by the Black Hollies on Friday at Grand Banks. These guys are doing a monthly First Friday Music Series.

Oh and dont worry there plenty of stuff for Saturday too.

much munch