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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

surf and your turf (updated - again )

Thanks to everyone who made it out for Groove on Grove Wednesday Night. With our schedule booked and our supply of 12 x 12 tents our shows will be on every Wednesday unless Hurricane or Thunderstorms are rolling through. Bongo Surf played a 75 minute set and Will again make waves on August 15th with a Coney Island Boardwalk gig. Next week we welcome Kilsy with a side if side project, the Bossa-nova styled Touristas for hopefully a sun drenched evening. We all missed the Coffin Daggers, but their drummer Pete is playing at Frank Sinatra park with the Swingin Neckbreaker and and a two drummer band tonight (R) at 7pm.

The threat of rain postponed The Film at Van Vorst , the Visitor to next next Wednesday. As far as I know nothing prevented Kevin Spkyer DJ Purple Stuff at the Lamp Post tonight (W) , DJ Sup Babes is at Luckys and DJ Birbal has relocated Give the Drummer to the Star Bar on Wednesday

Thursday I am spinning at the Lamppost. Tonight will now of course be a MJ Karaoke Tribute For the records, I'll be at the White Star Bar Saturday Night with an all vinyl affair. Thursday, we've also the Mr. Afternoon Funtastic Figure Drawing at 58. It's a quirky quick pacer life drawing class that starts at 7pm. $10 donation, if you are coming straight from work, there will be a supply of art stuff for sale from Hudson County Art Supply. Afterwards it's me (again) , or Ladies Night at Luckys with DJ Leonard Smalls , also JCGLO is sponsoring a Disco Costumed party at the Star Bar, also its this weekend is the Pride Parade in NYC .

Friday, the art market, Creative Grove is back. I have been besides artists and craftswomen, uta is also looking for DJ's and bands to play. so if you want in contact her through the Creative Grove website. I'll be by with a new Philly transplant to play at around 3 pm. It should be a good warm-up for Art House Productions big SUMMER BLOW-OUT. with a "DJ Soul" Dance Party and a Special Performance by the Jack Parsons Moon Project This event is only $5 and they've got some fun raffles and goodies to share . If you can help set up contact Christine or Jack at .

On the art side, Joe Russo , has a multi-media exhibit at 660 Grand for LAETITA , some of Joe Photographs will also be on display. He is a regular lens, who photgraphed events at 58 and at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Jonathan's opening for WK and the Invader (check out the video on the right) is on Saturday. There's usually a cool after party. Get to the gallery before nine if you want to get in. There's also an art opening at the Skylight Gallery that Saturday evening (look right)

Let me get back to Friday though, The One and Nines are playing O'Hara's Fridays Night with WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice at IMAC. On Saturday Night, Brine and the Bastards are at the Lamppost. Also on Saturday Night, The Whoods are playing at Abbeys 2 in Bayonne as part of the Board to Live Fundraiser at Abbeys Too. The event features skateboards transformed into different forms of art 25 artists. The event actually starts on Friday with Live Music and then Has Poly Abuse and Whoods on Saturday and then finally on Sunday, Middle Poet and Skrypted speak the word with Beats by Lady J. Facebook Info Here .

Again Let me get back to Friday because its Claudia's Birthday Party at the Lamppost on Friday with DJ's Caligula and Scottie L (aka JCDJs - check out his blog here) . And Lex is having a party at his cribbapple.
It's the part 2 of the Party of the Seven B's, with one of them being BYOB

I think that puts me back to Saturday afternoon. From 1 pm to 3 pm LITM's Jelynne hist a class class on being an entrepreneur (and we all know its hard enough to spell as it is!!) " The first part of the class will cover the mind game of becoming an entrepreneur. The second part will cover the planning stages, creative financing, industry specific information, incorporating and other technical business topics. and then there will be a Q+A session for you to ask all of your unanswered questions. Plus...we'll cover "What Jelynne would do differently if she started all over again. "If you want to start your own small restaurant or retail store, reserve today.$35 per student, includes a FREE copy of my book, "Restaurant From Scratch". Coming out in Fall 2009 " On a related Note NEW magazine's summer/fall edition just his the streets. With a picture of our Orlando Reyes on the Cover with stories about running and supporting our local businesses.

Also on the business side, Kathleen from World of Style Vintage is hocking some personal items with some other vintage babes at 275 7th Street there's Vinyl, Clothes, Shoes, Books, vintage items, small dog clothing, books, knick-knacks, costume jewelry, and more!!!. Wheel it and deal it. Make sure you pick up something Americana for our July 3rd American Idols Costume party at 58. This party will be make you an Icon.

The Weather looks good enough for Sunday Volleyball, things are starting to warm up enough where a little rain will only scare away the wicked witch, we are on for Sunday. Let me know what you plan to bring for our July 4th Volleyball Fireworks Spectacular. If you didn't hear Macy's is officially paying homage to New Jersey Shoppers by moving the fireworks to the Hudson River. Oops so much for your Brooklyn Rooftop this year.

Also on Sunday, Carla is breaking out the Love Lotion and Potions and perhaps some electrical erotics for a Sex Toy party at Balance at 3pm. You could also head up to JSQ for an afternoon of Belly Dance performances at the Journal Square Cafe, things start shaking at 4 pm. It's a Belly Dancing Extravaganza with over 40 Belly Dancers performing.

Let me percervier into Monday and Tuesday Nights so I can rest peacefully and prepare for my big days and next weekend. This Monday DJ Birbal is a Lamp Post, he's switching of with LuLu on Mondays. Need to know who is there, just show up or call 201-222-1331.

On Tuesday Night. Melissa Surach moves the Babyhole Enterprise to IMAC for her Summer Season Debut. Equipping herself with a true stage, the stand up night will be hands down a good time. It's still free, This week the House of Leaves play. Former sex slave to Big Tabacco, Ralph may be on double duty with dj-ing at the LP ? I don't know see number above :)

sorry thats all i can write.