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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

who is going to love you in a do-it-yourself scene ?

Sorry, I was busy living and couldn't give you my take on what you should do with your life. As always, a lot of events are already posted on the right hand side of my blog so feel free to hype yourself to them. Actually, Autumn and I, just got back from Williamsburg's Northside Art and Music Festival. Bedford Ave was closed down and peeps zooming about where we ran into Fish with Braids Gallery and Boutique owner Uta with her wares Besides her space, Uta's drive brought the Creative Grove market to the Grove PATH on Fridays. Hit her up if you want to get crafty with her. If you need some material, hopefully you checked out the Jersey City Craft Mafia's Detash and Amass material swap at Stockinette today (as in now).

Tonight (S), Scenemaker, Lamppost Bartender and Band Booker Joe Conderacci's Third Party Plays at Lamp Post with Fairmont. the IMAC Has Colonel Pratt here's the full line-up Brian Molnar, Joe Cassady, Bryan Baxter and the Last Great American Band & Colonel Pratt. Actually bands I am booking Thursday Nights starting in July at the IMAC. Please note : I am looking to mix townies with tourists, and cant have you if you are touring jc that weekend. Baking up the Scene, Made with Love Organics has Live Jazz with Ann Fizman

My DJ tour is on tonight, I am at Lucky's with Leonard Smalls. My punk rock twin Neil McCoy is is spinning at The White Star (Pavonia and Brunswick) oh but that too far me ? Really ? Feel free to check all (or none) of us out tonight.

Even with some possible thunderstorms tomorrow Volleyball on ? Call me 973-219-9696 or check out the blog for an update. If you are not planning on going to the Mermaid Parade next Saturday. Maybe you would like to join the Derelict Garden Tools play the Morristown Madams Roller Derby Team on the 20th. I've got room in my car. Let me know.