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Friday, June 19, 2009

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Loverboy was right about something even if their fashion sense may have been a little off. It all adds up to this the weekend ? Really? well maybe not really. Anywhom, last night I caught the Jersey City debut of Scottie L aka DJJC at the Lamppost. He was in filling it in for my little bro Cootah, this Saturday they both ship them selves off to the Gaslight in Hoboken (Adams and 4th ) for a transplant able JC party. Saturday is loaded sandwich served on Seven Grained Heads; with Steff " Street Justice" Kautzmann (Lamp Post Wednesdays) womanninng the Vinyl Solution at the White Star, Andrea WK is teaming up with Leonard Smalls at Luckys and Billy Filo (Twilight Procession/Higgins) is spinning at the Lamppost this Saturday Night. Plus DJ Soul "George Fernandez" and Meagan Wagner are spinning 660 Grand's Depression Era Party ( This dynamic DJ Duo also spins Art House's Summer Blow-out on Friday the 27th)

Tonight is Friday so do let me readdress myself. With Eric Brown on a Greyhound Bus passing through Dawson Pass, the monopoly of the mustached (Caligula) is at the Lamppost to skoul you. If you are still stuck in the City make your way home via Bar 13 for Dj William McCamie Deep Soul Sounds he actually does this every Friday and things are enhanced with an extended Happy Hour and a Rooftop Bar (As you may have heard DJ Bill also spins Industry Night at Lucky's ). If you need a plan B at midnight tonight (F), head to 143 for the Seven b's party. Ladies are free, but guys will get a stung at the door.

Shifting from playing music to making music, The Boro Six Festival is going on in Montclair/Bloomfield this weekend. Featuring many bands that make Jersey City their second or first home, you can catch Ben Franklin (F) , The McMickle Brothers (S), Bern and the Brights (S) , and the One and Nines playing the Festival Finale on Sunday Night. You can also catch the Freak Flames of Flaming Fire with Haunted Pussy II and Musical Comedian and Babyhole Featured Performer Jessica Delfino tonight (F) in at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Also touring out of town tonight are Any Day Parade and the Roadside Graves who are playing at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick. Try your luck with the door staff here, they are infamous for being smugger than a flea circus at a carpet outlet !!

Saturday's Big Daytime draw is also out of town, as the Mermaid Parade washes up on the shores of Coney Island. Sea Nymphs and Warlocks play in Neptune's world of wonder. The Parade starts at 2pm with Harvey Keitel as King Neptune, (Better watch out Jersey Girls for the Bad Lieutenant)

Sunday does seem like a wash-out for Volleyball, but don't despair, your games on indoors at Passout Records with Mister Badger and then head out to Kitty Nights : NYC Rising Stars of Burlesque. Magdela Fox who entertained us for Robert Piersanti's opening reception at 58, is on board for this show and will also be posing for 58's hosting of Mr. Afternoon's Funtastic Figure Drawing Bonanza this Thursday. Bring your trade tools (charcoal, magic markers) for an unique skteching experience you will need to rsvp beforehand. Plus Hudson County Art Supply will have some supplies on hand as well as a door prize. In addition to this, Paul Vincent Studios is hosting their life drawing class on Tuesdays, space is limited for this week so contact if you want in.

Even with a wash-out for Volleyball, you can start getting your RED, WHITE and BLUE outfits ready for our closing reception for Dylan Egon's United Saints of Oil on July 3rd. The reception runs from 7 to 10 pm and then an things transform into an American Idol after party. Dress as your favorite American Idol or Icon, we don't need a roomful of Paula Abduls and Simon Whoever. Then on July 4th, it's our annual July 4th Volleyball Picnic at Morris Canal. t make things extra special I spoke with Macy's about doing a Fireworks show. Thank me later.