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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sometimes i have to be impartial

just a quick fix folks. I'll give you the full story later.
all the pictures on the right are updated. click and learn.

coming up this week.

Wed: Street Justice's Down Town JC Night at the Lamppost with Lucha DJ and Coney Island Baby. DJ Sup Babes at Luckys, and Trivia Night at Barrow. Chess Night at Grassroots

Thursday: DJ Dancing Tony at the LP, Leonard Smalls at L7.

Friday : we've got Mare 139 @ 58 for an art opening. DJ birball (Monday Nights at the LP) will be spinning.
The Opening of Heavy Craft Soft Landing at Art House Productions. Bar Majestic Cinco de Mayo Party with DJ Bill McCamie, after party at Lucky Sevens. Flaming Fire show in Brooklyn. Rock and Sushi Roll Party at Grand Banks.

Saturday: Van Vorst Park Association's Meetball Dinnaer at St. Peter's Prep, Arcade Jungle Party in South Amboy, 6 to 8 Mathematics at the LP, Copacetic at the IMAC.

Sunday : Volleyball. Hoboken Spring Art and Music Festival, Lowbrow show at Paul Vincent Studios, Your for a song art show at the Coffee Cafe in Newark.

Tuesday : Cinco De Mayo at OX. The Birds and the Bees at LITM. Return of Babyhole.

Also wanted to mention that Roland Ramos is setting up Camp Jammy Land for May 15th to the 17th. He's looking for Happy Campers and DJ's and Musician fora an all music weekend.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

summer time in spring

volley ball is here


155 Washington St.
aka the Jetty aka Pennisula Park aka Morris Canal

first game at 1 pm. set ups at 12:30
thank dt

i am bringing the grill.
please bring something to share :)

also let me plug teh art attack at club h from 1 to 6pm again. it's on the way there and back


Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Follow-up

Here's the weekend we've been waiting all winter for : Weather wise, the only way you can get wet, is to walk through a car wash or go to the beach. The parks are calling, (and calling for your help on Saturday at Van Vorst Park on Saturday from 10 to 4 ) back your paddle balls and your lotion.

First a quick reminder on tonight in Hoboken. It's an strong JC line up at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street) WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice, Plowing Mud Forever, Nathan Carpenter, The Old man and his Po'kra, Darren Deceide, plus. Now, Shades is going through some ABC bullshit, so it's a sort of BYOB, Tailgating Style drinking event. Bring a flask, eat some brownies, inhale ground nutmeg. Basically this an "21+show " with an all ages format :). Afterwards big kids can return to the hood for Caligulation at the LP.

I'll give you a full report after the show. But if you really want to read about local music, Check out Zak Clark (Lucky 7's/Trainspotting) Rocker Tycoon Blog . Zak breaks down shows in a methodical strategy, he's basically a conce rt concierge and now I wonder why we haven't been out to a show together yet ? Call me 201-FBI-AUTO

If you plan to pull out of Jersey City tomorrow night (S) , head out to Newark for an Red Hair Strangeness Tribute to Willie Nelson at Kilkenneys Ale House. Any Day Parade, Bern and the Brights, the McMickle Brothers all pay homage to the Mr. Nelson, who celebrated his birthday on the High Holiday of April 20th (4/20). Before hand it's a last look at the Go-Go going works of Robert Piersanti at 58. Closing reception is from 7 to 10 pm. I am out at 10 sharp to catch Holmes and the Subway Surfers at the Lamppost. Or you can have a Brixton Riot of a time at the IMAC, JC's Cambell Apartment enjoins.

If you'd rather Jazz around on Saturday, the Bryan Benninghove Trio plays Casa Dante while Brendan Brendan Kibbee plays at Made with Love Organic Bakery on Jersey Ave from 7:30 to 9:30.

If you are more of the mafia type. Check out Jersey City Craft Mafia 's Art Attack at Club H on Sunday from 1 to 6 pm, If the exercise machines start to make you cringe, get some POISON (group art show) at Curious Matter (272 5th) . Here's there blog

We (I and many other ?) will be playing volleyball on Sunday, set up is going to be at 1 pm. come early and call or text me about what you can bring for the grill 973-219-9696.

Just to jump into Monday. The Grassroots Community Space at 54 Coles is offering Middle Eastern Dance Lessons on Monday Nights. you can check them out here
And don't forget DJ Birball and Avalon hold down the Lamppost on Monday Nights.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

have you got a minute? Can you fit me into it ?

Volunteers listen up? The world is calling. We may not have your direct line, but as we are all aware of times are a little tougher and we need to lean on eachother once and a while for support. I know you are looking for someway to give back to your community so here it is.

Tomorrow (R) from noon to 8pm, Loews Theaterat Journal Square is hosting a Volunteer Expo. Of course, and there will be many community organizations of all flavors looking for your assistance. Plus " There will be free give-aways, as well as "speed volunteering” -- hands-on activities that guests will accomplish right there, on-site, including toiletry kits to be assembled and youth arts and craft projects. " The theater itself is being restored by the Friends of the Loews , who originally saved this Majestic Palace from the wrecking ball over 20 years ago. This weekend you can check out a Lion in the Winter (F) and Journey to the Center of Earth (S) on their big screen. Here's the story link from the Hudson Reporter (it's on your doorstep too)

Tonight (W) you can help out Art House Productions prepare for their upcoming performance of Heavy Craft, Soft Landing, with some soft crafting and maybe some heavy lifting , really there's some set constructing and painting tonight (W) from 7 to 10 pm and on Saturday (S) from Noon to 8 pm. Also, Christine Goodman is looking for pair of HEADPHONES (BIG kind with the padding over the ears) , a DICTIONARY (with DICTIONARY very clearly in big, bold type across the front) FAKE PLANTS ( green and bushy & fake potted trees) and WHITE LAB COAT(S), plus END TABLE ( a small, we will need to paint it WHITE and it must have a DRAWER). Contact if you gots the goods.

If you want to spend your Saturday Volunteering outdoors, Help the Friends of Van Vorst Park for their annual planting. You can also probably get some Financial Advise from the 20 Goldman Sachs Volunteers who are always there to help out. While I am on volunteering, let me remind you about the Breakfast Plus Program at Grace Van Vorst Church on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Here's the link to volunteer.

On the subject of civil responsibility, you can check Tris McCall croon about the Jersey City Political Landscape at tonight's (W) fundraiser for the One Jersey City party at Jordan'sLounge tonight from 7 to 9 pm. You can also catch the Mayoral Candidiates Debate tomorrow night (R) at the Bright Street School. The debate is sponsored by the Coalition of Downtown Neighborhood Associations and Civic JC. You can check out for information about the Mayoral and City Council Candidates. In addition, on the right (side) , you 'll see a link to the Jersey City In dependent's Election Coverage. For vintage coverage, check out Another Man's Treasure at Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show this weekend (April 24 - 26)

All of this volunteering and you will have to give some time back to yourself. Tonight (W) DJ Caligula's Brainwork will be at the Grassroots Community Space for their debut of CHESS NIGHT. Overall, it's all fun and games with Kerri hosting a Game Night at Simple Bar and Cafe, and Trivia Night at Barrow Bar. Tonight, there's also a Homind Party at The Stockinette Cafe. Poets, Songsters and Wordsmiths are all welcome come after 7:30 pm BYOB OK.Later on Steff does Street Justice to Wednesday Night with DJ Dorien (Chuck Daly's roommate) at the Lamppost and Lucha DJ at Lucky's.

I am back on my DJ gig at the Lamppost this Thursday. Things will still hopefully erupt into a dance party of course, but it's a no-Karaoke night. Ladies, make sure you check out hot stuff Leonard Smalls at Lucky Seven's before/after you see me (wink x3).

It is really going to be park weather this weekend, and things will start to heat on on Friday with the return of the Garden State Rollergirls to their track at Branch Brook Park. They face off against the Hudson Valley Horrors at 8 pm. Tickets here. There's parking a plenty here and as well, at the Monroe Center in Hoboken where JC's WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice, Plowing Mud Forever, Nathan Carpenter, the Old Man & His Po' Buckra and Darren Deicide. It's only $10 a BYOB affair (but I hear it may be best to pack a flask)

On Fridays it's Fairmont, Rick Barry, Nightmares for a Week, & TBA at the IMAC, on Saturday Night, It's The Cambell Apartment, Brixton Riot, and the K's at the IMAC. The Sweet Sounds of Holmes (old friends from College) and Eric Fusco's Subway Surfers are at the Lamppost on Saturday Night.

On Saturday Night, we are hosting a closing reception for Robert Persanti's Painted Tribute to Go-Go Burlesque and Pop Culture. Sorry there but Ms. Saturn, BB Heart, Ms. Tickle, Magdelena Fox, and Melody Sweets will not be reprising the show kids. But we will keep the stage open for you do your own show :) Next Friday we have B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez

Sunday : 85 degrees : volleyball

That's it for Now.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

on the net again today

hey players.

mother nature must like volleyball too. windy yes, cloudy yeah. but no rain. see you at 1 pm today.
I may need someoen to bring the net home becuase I plann to catch LUNAFEST at LITM today at 5 pm.


Friday, April 17, 2009

where for ART thow ?

It's an art triple play tonight (FRI) with a side of chips tonight. Art House Productions second remote gallery hosts their group show at Cosi Gallery 2 at 1 Exchange Place (PATH) it's a beautiful day stop by the pier. the Girls and Weakness exhibit at the Lex Leonard Gallery closes tonight and new work by photographer Tatsuro Nishimura are on display at the StockingNet Cafe at 7 pm tonight. Afterwards OX Restaurant hosts an after party at 10 pm. That should be the same time that DJ Caligula spins for Jackie's 30th Birthday Tonight (F) at the Lamp Post.

The One and Nines play double time at O'Hara tonight (F) and the Devyl Nellys take their show out to Irish Outpost O'Donoghue's Saints & Sinners at 205 First Street in Hoboken. Both bands are also in the Groove on Grove Series that kicks off two weeks from now with Any Day Parade and Higgins on May 6th. Also you should mark your calenders for the debut bout for the Garden State Roller Girls next Friday the 24th.

Hungry Tigers and Jett Brando are at the IMAC tonight(F). On Saturday Night, the Chem Trails from Asbury Park play with Prawn and the Press play and indie/experimental sounding night. On Saturday Night, Nathan Carpenter, The Old Man & his Po’ Buckra, Darren Deicide, and Mutiny Amongst friends (from CT)!! play at the Lamppost. Natty Adams joins Leonard Smalls at Luckys this Saturday, I hope the sand is cleaned up.

Saturday is going to be such a beautiful day that we are going to set up the net for Volleyball at Peninsula Park (aka the Jetty) just foll0w Washington Blvd away from Hoboken and towards the Korean War Memorial and you will find us at the park. We'll set up around 1 pm. Sun provided by Mother Nature.

The forecast for Sunday can dictate a day inside watch movies or listening to Music. You can do both away from your couch as Mister Badger plays a Sunday 5 pm show at the Lamppost and _gaia studios presents LUNAFEST at LITM at 5 pm. Lunafest showcases a short film about arranged marriage and is aslo a fundraiser for Breast Cancer. Don't forget that the Grassroots Community Center has Soulful Potluck Dinner on Sundays.

As you may or may not know JERSEY CITY'S LIBERTY HUMANE SOCIETY is up for a million dollar makeover. The makeover is awarded to the shelter that gets the most votes through ZOO TOO . Nine other shelters completing for it too... so every vote counts.START NOW, GO TO: an account with pic validate your email THEN VOTE DAILY up to 10x a day VOTING ENDS THIS SUNDAY 4/19.

Friday, April 10, 2009


We've got a couple of changes to this weekend's schedule.

On the art side. 32 Jones gallery is hosting TRACE : an exhibition of works by NJCU's art and design students at 7 pm this (Friday) evening. In addition to Hamlet's show at Balance and The Closing reception for Beth Achenbach's work at Art House (Saturday) tomorrow. If you find yourslef outside of the 07302. Stop by the Jajo Gallery in 77 Orange Street in Newark for a (RED) Velvet Fundraiser. Besides Fine Art, Photography, and DJ's the night also features a live performance by The Whoods things begin at 7 pm.

Also tonight ( Friday) Pat Byrne (Lucha DJ) and his writing partner are performing in the BIG city tonight. 2 thirds of the Upset Triangle are performing with the Free Love Forum( at the People's Improv Theater at 154 W. 29th St. (Between 6th and 7th) 212-563-7488$10 Okay there's your links as well. In The City tomorrow night PowWow plays at the Cake Shop (Ludlow).

Not as funny as the tank of Nitrous that DJ Caligula inhaled yesterday, The Mustached Man himself faced his own Doom and Disco at the hands of his dentist and will not be at the Lamp post tonight (Friday). DJ Master and Superhero Street Justice is his place. She will also be at Motor City (Ludlow) street on Tuesday Night.

Six o'clock - time for me to punch OUT

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coming Back from the Read

First LET ME apolize for not blind copying my last email. Please respect the privacy of others and don't REPLY ALL to my last email update or send announcements to this group. I will gladly send related stuff to anyone.

Second , thank you! to everyone who came out to my stoop sale on Sunday. I hope what ever you picked up is adjusting well in your pad.

I am doubled up this weekend with two DJ gigs. Tonight , Thursday, Auttie McNaughty and I will be on decks for Little Jess's Birthday Party at the Lamppost. It's going to be a full scale Karaoke Dance Party, so stretch you larynx out or at least coat them at the bar beforehand. This Saturday, I am teaming up with Leonard Smalls (Thursday Night - Ladies Night at L7) at Lucky Sevens for their Beach Party. Two tons of sand can't be wrong, with a buried treasure of boozy booty and prizes to be found. If you need your karaoke fix and can't come to the Lamp Post tonight. let me sing-le out Art House Production's closing reception for photographer Beth Achenbach's In Search of Mother Nature. From 4 to 7 pm on Saturday stop by Balance Hair Salon/18 Erie Gallery for I am Hamlet : new works by Hamlet Manzueta. Next Tuesday from 6 to 9 pm, JC Cultural Affair's Naturalanza de la Danza opens at the City Hall Rotunda Gallery

Street Justice is spinning at Hoboken's DC's Tavern tonight (thursday) this quaint spot will be rocked off it's foundation with Steff on the jam pad. It's Up to No-Good Friday' with the Doom and Disco debutante, Caligula at the Lamp Post.

Tonight at the IMAC , Bryan Beninghove's Big in Jersey plays for his monthly Downtown Shakedown. On Friday. catch electronically enhancer's beta.beta with secret photos at the IMAC, and on Saturday WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice play with Sikamore Rooney and others. Partice Zoo and The House of Leaves play at the Lamp Post on Saturday Night. If you are looking for some Hard Rock or KY action, check out Jupiter One's Kentuky Show's tonight and Friday or their Saturday Night Gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh.

Mother Nature was kind enough to sun shine for last Sunday's Volleyball, but it looks like Easter Bunnies and Eggs are best kept inside this week :(

Happy Easter/Passover to you and yours
xo 'dt

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Pay-Peruse

Good Morning.

I am up early to line up your daily specials here at my own Bail-Out Stoop Sale.
I am cleaning out some vintage and non vintage eye candy items that you may want to take home with you ?
All prices are cheap to negotiable. I've got your unusual assortment of clothes, records, vintage kitchen table, and kitchen chairs, old cameras, weird 8mm stuff, I even have some vintage coffee and bagels . No I am not choc full of nuts here people. Come by if you can. 516 Jersey Ave (at Columbus). I'll be ready by 9 am.

Afterwards, there is still plenty of SUN day to be had.

@ LITM there's a Blood Mary Show Down $15 buck get you an all you can judge cup. Later on in the evening Megan Gulick Closing Reception slashes prices like a rabbit foot factory. Noon

@ The Jetty ( end of Washington by the Portside Apartment Buildings) Get your Volleyball on at Noonish.

@ Grassroots Community Center a Soulful Potluck Dinner starts at 3 pm

@ Lucky 7's DJ Bill McCamie spins for Industry Night . After the sun has settled in for the night.

gotta go, I think someone is knocking on my window.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The artist part to swallow

Tonight (Thursday) the Art House. Jersey City's longest running Spoken Word/Music/all things verbose, dedicates this monthly installment for National Poetry Month. There are 5 minute slots available for signup at the door at 8pm. This is not a stoop sale so don't try to come early for a bargain slot. You can stoop by my sale this Sunday as I unload some vintage clutter at 516 Jersey Ave. I'll be up and running around 9 am and be exhausted by 5 pm. I'll have to rain check my own Mostly Sunny volleyball day for some rent money. Come by to haggle and heckle me. But for some real Vintage Treats, celebrate Another Mans Treasure Grove Street One Year Anniversary Sale on Saturday. It's 10 percent Everything.

Back to Thursday. Paul Vincent Studios is hosting a Life Drawing Class tonight. The event has a light handed atmosphere with 5 to 15 minute poses with a side of some music and a BYO. It's a sketchy time but not a sketchy place. $10 admission at 7 pm. Also artsist both LITM and 32 Jones Gallery (I think, really I am having a hard time keeping up today) are looking for art submissions for their upcoming shows. Contact if you would like to submit something for their "Birds and the Bees"opening on May 5th. Make it quick Spring has Sprung. If your work is more LOW Brow contact the Paul Vincent Gallery.. You can also go with The Jersey City Museum who is looking for Pictures to Celebrate I Love Jersey City.

All of Robert Piersanti's work is up at 58. For his painted tribute to Burlesque, Go-Go and Pop Culture. Things start early at 7pm . Along with his work, Miss Saturn, and Melody sweets. and Ms. Tickle help you loosen your tie and enjoy. In addition, we also have special guests Magdelena Fox and Bea B Heart
in circulation. The opening ends at 11pm, and showing up fashionably late will only help if you want to miss everything.

On Saturday, Art House Productions hosts two V-Day performances of Presentation of A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer: Writings To Stop Violence Against Women and Girls is a groundbreaking collection of monologues by world-renowned authors and playwrights, edited by Eve Ensler and Mollie Doyle. VDay is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls.Further information about V-Day can be found at V-Day Jersey City is sponsored locally by LOCAL SPONSORS: _gaia, Art House Productions, Newark Art Supply/Art Kitchen, Design Factory. Show times are 3 and 8 pm. Don't forget this is also the final week for the God Committe by JCity Theater

For the real kids, there is a Karaoke Dance party at the Haunted Diner on Pine Street. The Event is a fundraiser for the Learning Community Charter School . On Sunday, Dujanna Sharese hosts Generation Cypher : a Poetry for Reading for kids (ages 5 to 11) from 2 to 3pm at the Imagine Atrium. This event is the first of a monthly, first Sunday's Poetry Reading Series. I will keep you posted on the next months location, because unfortunately, this will also be the last day the this independent bookstore will be open :( .. For more information about , workshops or other children's poetry events please visit It is through your continued support of the word that art is possible. Thank you.

This weekend you can also truly enjoy the politics of dancing at One Jersey City's : One Love, One Hope, One Chance - Let's Dance campaign kick-off party for Council Candidate, Emelio De Lia on Saturday, April 4, 6:00pm to 10:00pm at St. Demetrios Church, 524 Summit Ave., just east of the Journal Square PATH station. Parking available at the lot next door. Enter church on Magnolia St. The election is coming up next month and to get a full listing of all of the Candidates for the May 12th Mayoral and City Council Election at the Jersey City Independent .

Okay let me put politics aside and get back to some some people who performance is judged immediately.

On Thursday Night. DJ Hells yeah has a warm up spot at teh Made with Love Organic Bakery from 9 to 11 pm. Later on, Dj Alfonse spins at the Lamp Post while it's ladies Night at The Lamp Post (you already knew this). Tris McCall ponies his piano skills with My Teenage Stride at Cameo in Brooklyn, Pow Wow, is also on this bill. In Town, The Milwaukees monthly Bar Majestic semi-acoustic show tunes in. On Friday, Caligula, who is recovering from a pulled pork sandwich, spins at the Lamp Post. The One and Nines play @ Bowery Poetry Club with The Defending Champions ( and The Big Takeover ( The One and Nines start things at 10 pm. 308 Bowery Street (btwn Houston & Bleeker)New York, New York.

On Saturday Night The One and Nines play Lucky Sevens for an early band night. Afterwards. Pistol Pete (Rockin Life Style) spins birthday tunes for his girlfriend Wendy, along side of kingspin Leonard Smalls. The IMAC has hosts Jersey City Vine House and Eliza Neals. The Poconos Brian Leopold and Sikamore Rooney's Brad Your plays at the Lamp Post on Saturday.

On Sunday . Catch the Bloody Mary showdown at LITM and the closing reception for Megan Kulick's show. Don't forget to stop by my stoop as well. The Volleyball kids will be at the Jetty warming up.

Monday Night, DJ Birball spins at the Lamp Post with Star Bar Tender Transplant Avalon. Also. if you didn't know the first Monday at Bar Majestic is half price off everything night. Eat Drink and be merry. The tables should be back outdoors.

I have to end here....