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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

have you got a minute? Can you fit me into it ?

Volunteers listen up? The world is calling. We may not have your direct line, but as we are all aware of times are a little tougher and we need to lean on eachother once and a while for support. I know you are looking for someway to give back to your community so here it is.

Tomorrow (R) from noon to 8pm, Loews Theaterat Journal Square is hosting a Volunteer Expo. Of course, and there will be many community organizations of all flavors looking for your assistance. Plus " There will be free give-aways, as well as "speed volunteering” -- hands-on activities that guests will accomplish right there, on-site, including toiletry kits to be assembled and youth arts and craft projects. " The theater itself is being restored by the Friends of the Loews , who originally saved this Majestic Palace from the wrecking ball over 20 years ago. This weekend you can check out a Lion in the Winter (F) and Journey to the Center of Earth (S) on their big screen. Here's the story link from the Hudson Reporter (it's on your doorstep too)

Tonight (W) you can help out Art House Productions prepare for their upcoming performance of Heavy Craft, Soft Landing, with some soft crafting and maybe some heavy lifting , really there's some set constructing and painting tonight (W) from 7 to 10 pm and on Saturday (S) from Noon to 8 pm. Also, Christine Goodman is looking for pair of HEADPHONES (BIG kind with the padding over the ears) , a DICTIONARY (with DICTIONARY very clearly in big, bold type across the front) FAKE PLANTS ( green and bushy & fake potted trees) and WHITE LAB COAT(S), plus END TABLE ( a small, we will need to paint it WHITE and it must have a DRAWER). Contact if you gots the goods.

If you want to spend your Saturday Volunteering outdoors, Help the Friends of Van Vorst Park for their annual planting. You can also probably get some Financial Advise from the 20 Goldman Sachs Volunteers who are always there to help out. While I am on volunteering, let me remind you about the Breakfast Plus Program at Grace Van Vorst Church on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Here's the link to volunteer.

On the subject of civil responsibility, you can check Tris McCall croon about the Jersey City Political Landscape at tonight's (W) fundraiser for the One Jersey City party at Jordan'sLounge tonight from 7 to 9 pm. You can also catch the Mayoral Candidiates Debate tomorrow night (R) at the Bright Street School. The debate is sponsored by the Coalition of Downtown Neighborhood Associations and Civic JC. You can check out for information about the Mayoral and City Council Candidates. In addition, on the right (side) , you 'll see a link to the Jersey City In dependent's Election Coverage. For vintage coverage, check out Another Man's Treasure at Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show this weekend (April 24 - 26)

All of this volunteering and you will have to give some time back to yourself. Tonight (W) DJ Caligula's Brainwork will be at the Grassroots Community Space for their debut of CHESS NIGHT. Overall, it's all fun and games with Kerri hosting a Game Night at Simple Bar and Cafe, and Trivia Night at Barrow Bar. Tonight, there's also a Homind Party at The Stockinette Cafe. Poets, Songsters and Wordsmiths are all welcome come after 7:30 pm BYOB OK.Later on Steff does Street Justice to Wednesday Night with DJ Dorien (Chuck Daly's roommate) at the Lamppost and Lucha DJ at Lucky's.

I am back on my DJ gig at the Lamppost this Thursday. Things will still hopefully erupt into a dance party of course, but it's a no-Karaoke night. Ladies, make sure you check out hot stuff Leonard Smalls at Lucky Seven's before/after you see me (wink x3).

It is really going to be park weather this weekend, and things will start to heat on on Friday with the return of the Garden State Rollergirls to their track at Branch Brook Park. They face off against the Hudson Valley Horrors at 8 pm. Tickets here. There's parking a plenty here and as well, at the Monroe Center in Hoboken where JC's WJ and The Sweet Sacrifice, Plowing Mud Forever, Nathan Carpenter, the Old Man & His Po' Buckra and Darren Deicide. It's only $10 a BYOB affair (but I hear it may be best to pack a flask)

On Fridays it's Fairmont, Rick Barry, Nightmares for a Week, & TBA at the IMAC, on Saturday Night, It's The Cambell Apartment, Brixton Riot, and the K's at the IMAC. The Sweet Sounds of Holmes (old friends from College) and Eric Fusco's Subway Surfers are at the Lamppost on Saturday Night.

On Saturday Night, we are hosting a closing reception for Robert Persanti's Painted Tribute to Go-Go Burlesque and Pop Culture. Sorry there but Ms. Saturn, BB Heart, Ms. Tickle, Magdelena Fox, and Melody Sweets will not be reprising the show kids. But we will keep the stage open for you do your own show :) Next Friday we have B-Line B-Boy Drawings and Sculpture by Carlos Mare139 Rodriguez

Sunday : 85 degrees : volleyball

That's it for Now.