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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sometimes i have to be impartial

just a quick fix folks. I'll give you the full story later.
all the pictures on the right are updated. click and learn.

coming up this week.

Wed: Street Justice's Down Town JC Night at the Lamppost with Lucha DJ and Coney Island Baby. DJ Sup Babes at Luckys, and Trivia Night at Barrow. Chess Night at Grassroots

Thursday: DJ Dancing Tony at the LP, Leonard Smalls at L7.

Friday : we've got Mare 139 @ 58 for an art opening. DJ birball (Monday Nights at the LP) will be spinning.
The Opening of Heavy Craft Soft Landing at Art House Productions. Bar Majestic Cinco de Mayo Party with DJ Bill McCamie, after party at Lucky Sevens. Flaming Fire show in Brooklyn. Rock and Sushi Roll Party at Grand Banks.

Saturday: Van Vorst Park Association's Meetball Dinnaer at St. Peter's Prep, Arcade Jungle Party in South Amboy, 6 to 8 Mathematics at the LP, Copacetic at the IMAC.

Sunday : Volleyball. Hoboken Spring Art and Music Festival, Lowbrow show at Paul Vincent Studios, Your for a song art show at the Coffee Cafe in Newark.

Tuesday : Cinco De Mayo at OX. The Birds and the Bees at LITM. Return of Babyhole.

Also wanted to mention that Roland Ramos is setting up Camp Jammy Land for May 15th to the 17th. He's looking for Happy Campers and DJ's and Musician fora an all music weekend.