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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the blog-cade is over

The eerie silence of 10 peaceful days was shatterred on the eve of the new decade with this simple communique.

Let's Party


But who cares it snowed and I am not in the mood to edit. (by the way this new version of Blogger doesn't have spell check either ?)

Bunch of parties going on tonight. Any place with TV and a bar will be open offering special NYE drinking packages, champagne toasts, and noisemakers. Use your wallet wisely, As usual, I'll just keep to things within the barmuda triangle. Stay close to home,  and your friends it what really counts tonight.

58 - Decade Dance Party with Thomas Francis Takers His Chances (11pm) and One West (Featuring b. Murph - 12:30 am) DJ's Street Justice, DJ Soul, Scott Free, and Dancing Tony. Doors 10 pm. $10 before 2am, $5 after.

Luckys - Special Ladies Night 1/2 price for the ladies - Leonard Smalls on the decks.
Lamppost - Funk and Soulful New Year with Jahna Rain spinning -
Port-o Lounge - Dj Bill McCamie Spinning
White Star - New Years Eve Party _ Dj Matt "the play-list" Kopec brings it home

Risk Takers and people who think outside of the triangle.

Plus Eternal Christmas is an all weekend party.

Don't let your grandparents have all the fun on New Years Day.

Kilsy Plays at Maxwells.

As for January 2, 2010.

Welcome to the Paladrome Party at Luckys DJ Dancing Tony and Leonard Smalls
the Bad Parts at Lamp Post