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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, January 8, 2010

friday to fry-day

2010. wow but who cares ?
fresh starts ?  yes but i can't think of one new years resolution that i have kept to this day.
we all start things when it works best for our calender. here's mine

want to start laughing more ? go to tonight's Comedy Night at the Stockinette 8 pm $3, 6 comics . BYOB OK
want to start I start loving more ? go to made with love bakery this weekend, there's an art opening tonight at 8pm with live Jazz by Jordan Piper
want to start taking more chances ? catch Thomas Francis Takes His Chances and the Devyl Nellys at the Blue Room in Secaucus, it right next to AJ's
want some more afro-beat in your life ? Check out Chico Mann tonight at le Passion Rogue
want some more deep house sesssions ? Checkout Bill McCamie tonight at Porto Lounge
want some more (whatever type of music Jessie is play?) ? then check out Caligula at the Lamp Post.
want to some real great cross-over artists ? head to Index Art Galley in Newark for Steven Dressler's Rock Dreams : Artsist Made Songs 6 to 10 pm

need to get your body back, try the new Michael Hathaway's Yoga Sessions on Saturdays at the Grassroots on Saturday at 3 pm $10 donation.
need more fried food and football ? i am having a Jets party at my apartment this Saturday - call me first
need more vinyl ? check out the Saturday at the White Star - I begin the new year of wax at 10:30 pm
need nore live music check out the bands at Lamp Post on Saturday Night.

i resolved not watse as much of my time tryiong to comepte or repeat with Facebook.
that's it or this installment.