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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All the Small Things (the short edition)

hey thanks to everyone for telling me the day after that you could here the music from the saints and sinners party down the street. lucky for me Jersey City Police were kind enough to inform me of that at 5:10 am. the party was over anyway, and at minimum, it made it a lot easier me ask you all to leave. thanks for coming. save dec 26th for a possible redux. please send me your pictures, I linked some early shots from Ray Schwartz, ifyou wnat to see what the place looked like before we packed. If anyone knows a Wade Carlson, please have him contact me because we think he took the wrong coat.

Tonight (T), I am spinning at LITM's Small Wonders group show at 7 pm. Zak Clark has my Singer Songwriter shift covered at Luckys. Hopefully, I'll get to stop by Babyhole tonight with time to catch some upset triangle stuff, it may not happen considering this short list of artists at LITM:

Sean Lugo, Jason Gluskin, Robert Piersanti, Megan Gulick, Minha KHAN, Danielle Scott, Nena Tahil, Corinne Dodenhoff, Maude Lemaire, Kasia Polkowska, Dominique Doktor, Todd Ryan, Spikytiger, Andrea Morin, Josephine Barriero, Kate Hoos, Joan Palmer, Kayt Hester, Mike Lindwasser, Melissa Marie Johnson, Luca Cusolito, Bonnie Gloris, Meghan McKee, Janet Kolstein, Max Ratchkauskas, Dave Dziemian, Joanne Simmons, Andrew Bovasso, Jade Kuei, Keith McGee, Beth Achenbach, Lau Gallico Klohe, Haas Colby and more!

The fun continues this week, with a JC Fridays ending. On Thursday, we debut, Dana Gannon's sculpture at 58, I am making another batch of hot cider and thinks it may be time to use "that never been used" fondue set I bought six years ago. Afterwards, it's a special edition , Bro's before Ho's afterparty at the Lamp Post. We will reprise Dana's opening for JC Friday's with an Any Day Parade performance at 9 pm.

Just looking a little further.

Get your goods together for Leonard Small Birthday Party on Saturday at Luckys. In lieu of presents he's asking peeps to bring good for the York Street Project. This Juggernaut celebration has Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Aminal performing with guest DJ's Caligula, Alfonse, and yours truly.