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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Talk with my hand not with the Facebook

It's Day 4 of "site maintenance" for my Facebook profile all I can say is that I didn't touch a thing , or as we say in Jersey City "it wasn't me". Fow now, I am just sticking with the Jersey City Independent for my news worthiness and gossip, oh wait this just in ... Jersey City is down a councilman (Ward B Phil Kenny) and Mariano Vega "temporarily" resigned his position as President of the Council. You know this is all over money, and the sad part is that while so many artists hustled for every dollar to make this years Art Studio Tour, merely having a portion of the funds that were allegedly passed on to the politicians could have funded most of these weekend events. That's OK we shouldn't be too pissed right ? yeah right !

So. thanks again to everyone who came out to support, Masks of God, the 4th Street Art and Music Festival, The Harimus Cove Cemetery Fundraiser, Vital Voices, Exquisite Corpse, Boxed, The Time Being, Raw Power, Boxed, NYKYTOMORPH, Boxed, Battered Bunnies, and all of the shows and exhibits for the Art Tour. YOU MAKE AND MADE IT HAPPEN. That's why we struggle and why we hustle.

You can relax a little easy tonight (R) and get out and do some enjoyables, I'll get back to my tirade parade later. 58's life drawing class starts at 7:30 pm, bring your pencil end drawing pad and happily hang out with a bunch of poses. If you didn't catch the Mike Ferrari solo show at Paul Vincent Gallery on Sunday, you can cruise to this border bound gallery tonight and keep in mind that will also open for the Hoboken Art Studio Tour on October 18th, with onelast gasp I will also remind you that Paul Vincent also hosts their own life drawing classes every Tuesday Night, time for me to pull the plug on this one.

What about me, what am I doing tonight ? Well I was going to stay home and stew, but instead I've got a roast brewing for Autumn's birthday tonight at the Lamp Post, her babe birthday train should run though at some point, perhaps after stopping at Lucky's for a Ladies Special ?

The Grove Street PATH will still be in and art creative format on Fridays, Uta and her vendors will keep this going into the Happy Holidays :) On Friday Night, Battered Bunny maker Megan Gulick presents a Human Marvels art show at the 32 jones Gallery near JSQ. In the downtown, the Stockinette Comedy Night returns for $3 they guarantee to put the funny where your mouth is. Until Caligula (aka Jessie) gets a mixers I won't be plugging his night at the Lamp Post on Fridays. Matt Maragno , Jessimae Peluso and Andrew Martinez perfprm plus 4th Street Stage Hosts s Trip & Fall, aka Alissa Ahlberg and Sarah Roxanne Shields will be on routine. You can also venture into teh city for Another Man's Treasure at the Manhattan Vintage Show ( Metropolitan Pavilion 125 W. 18th Street b/t 6th & 7th Avenues : Oct 9 (Fri):1pm - 8pmOct 10 (Sat): 11am - 6pm.

Saturday. My roommate DJ William McCamie is waxing pro-hectic at the Vinyl Solution, the Frozen Gentlemen and Go Kat Go play the Lamp Post. Must be a little quite for Columbus. Come in Facebook. No you can wait I am done.