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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Tour-ture Weekend

stop stop please make it stop, emails..facebook...I'll tell you everything I know.. I promise just please stop telling me things or I swear they are going to kill me. here goes.. if I miss your event it is because I am being water bom-boarded. you can alos just check the links on the side folks. Plus, printed Full guides for the Art Studio Tour will be available at the PATH Station on Saturday and Sunday, but since you already live in town you can check in the Jersey City Reporter and the Jersey City Independent for listings as well as Jersey City's Website currently IS app for your iPhone (corrected you can use the Google Map made by the Jersey City Independent or try this handy app on your iPhone) if you'll have to walk it old school, get your legs up rent a bike through Easy Riders.

Celebrating their Nineth Year, Art House Productions presents their signature event the open miked Art House this evening. Unfortunately, Art House's planned Invention: Reinvention , a multi-media exhibit had to be cancelled for this tour. The first preview of JC Art Studio Tour Group shows will be at the Beacon tonight (R) from 6 to 8 pm. Park on street and save the $5 valet parking. The second pre-view will be Ruler and the Silk City Tattooist 99 Ways to Die at LITM. Olde Ghost, Nations in Exile (with Augie of Youth Against Nature) plays at the Iron Monkey tonight with the Drunkards. Gocha is spinning at the Lamppost tonight, don't take it personally if the Ladies Naturally gravitate to Lucky's though, Leonard Smalls is wearing a new fragrance, I don't know it's name, but I heard its made from cheap alcohol :).

Friday, the Art Tour does officially kick off at Grace Church with the Pro Arts Exhibit. You can venture from God's House to 58's Masks of God, a group show curated by Brenda Buck and Grant Worth. The exhbit has over a dozen artists; with local flavors mixing with some out-of-town guests. MC Paul Barman will be in house to help host. DJ Bill McCamie celebrates his birthday and the NYC Release of Reloveds at his Deep Sounds Bar 13 gig on Friday. He's got the late spot for this one :), come before 10 to get in for free. Along with Bill the Legendary Tony Humphries will be on decks.

The Bounty for Saturday and Sunday is quite heavy.

If your question is what would I do ? well it would be to see as much as possible. The list of group shows is linked on the top right. 150 Bay and 140 bay hold a bulk of actual artists studios to visit along with the Exquisite Corpse show at 150 Bay and Ken Bastard and Megan Gulick's hare bending collaberation. While you are in the Powerhouse Arts district, also check out Raw Power at 350 Warren Street. Also known as the Morgan Building, muralogist Dylan Evans, has has organized national arists to paint this entire one block structure. My favorite artist studio to visit has always been Robert Piersanti's expansive space at 299 Pavonia, and my love of Jersey City's Alley's has me destined to check out Beth Achenbach’s Mish Mash show in the Alley Cat Gallery (coles between 4th and 5th) Rolando Ramos 1 pm and Kelly Saint Patrick 4 pm perform. In addition, a collaborative conceptual installation by Trish Szymanski and Loura van der Meule, THE TIME BEING takes place at 78 Sussex. But alas, I wouldn't miss Dylan Egon's " Garage Sale" on Barroow btwn York and Bright no I hope not but ......

My commitment for Saturday is the Juggernaut : 4th Street Art and Music Festival. Hundreds of artist. live painting, a children's art area, food, beer and 18 music acts converge. Including the Mission: Remission art benefit for Breast Cancer Treatment. NOTE: Regardless of what Mother Nature may have intentions of doing, this event is on.

Here's the band line up for both stages combined

12:00 Bongo Surf
12:30 - The Land of Look Behind (Kevin Spyker and John Young)
1:00 One Foot In
1:30 - Angelas KaRIOTis
2:00 Mike Napolitano's Pre-School of Rock
2:30 - Miss Ohio
3:00 Knot Working
3:30 - Frozen Gentlemen
4:00 Manouche Bage (Matias Madame Claude Friday Night Experimental Funky Jazz Ensemble)
4:30 - Air Panther (w/Andrew Sullivan)
5:00 Thomas Francis Takes His Chances
5:30 - Beacon
6:00 In Musth
6:30 Square Wave Punch
7:00 Fairmont
7:30 - 2x4 Orchestra (Nugyen Smith : Maestro. Six piece sound of surround)
8:00 Any Day Parade
8:30 - JC DJ Consortium
9:15 - Natty Adams (8 Bit Dance Party)

Afterwards, I'll be teaming up with DJ Leonard Smalls for the official 4th Street afterparty at Lucky Sevens. Fairmont encores at the Lamp Post with Foodstamps. Higgins Band mates Billy Filo and Brian Kantor spin for the Vinyl Solution at the White Star. Rock Soup Studios at 660 Grand is hosting at DJ Palooza with 4 to 6 dj's vibing it.

Sunday. will be a good time to catch up on everything you couldn't fit in on Saturday. The Party official ends at 4 pm with the Jersey City Museum's Grand Finale. I am unoffocially ending here such that I can ready my events.