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Thursday, October 29, 2009

boo with who ?

it already started, i was there, costume stores, haunted houses, and the stress of what should i be for Halloween, thankfully, i already know, now i just need some foam. If you haven't picked up your pumpkin, stop by the farmers market today at the the Grove PATH, bring the kids from 4to 6 pm for some Halloween themed fun and candy.

Thanks to Charles' (aka djLeonard Smalls) run in with a laboratory monkey? really? yes really? Apparently you shouldn't tease testy test monkeys, I guess a similar warning, like don't tap on the fish tank was missing and Charles got bit. He's okay but may not be able to monkey around for his own PJ party now, I've got double dj duty tonight. I am going to start at Lucky Sevens PJ Ladies Night. In order to keep his perfect attendance record in tact ? or maybe he really has gone ape ? Charles is going to come in at 10:30. barring a speedy recovery,and considering her can't dj, cant drink, and has a fever his visit will be brief, try and be there if you wish him well.

After Lucky's, I am heading back to the Lamp Post for my second shift with Steff " Street Justice " Kautmann is for our Bro's before Ho's night. She'll start the night off and we will Zan and Jayna for the rest of the night. At 7 : 30 pm you can catch a different combination on screen at the Warehouse's presentaion of y tu mama tambien . In the big city, Flaming Fire plays a Pagan Halloween Party on Ludlow, this doesn't sound like a bunch of posers either :).

On Friday, aka Cabbage Night, aka Mischeif Night, aka Night of the Fires, the Iron Monkey is organizing a Zombie Pub Crawl. the undead should show up at the Lamp Post at 4 pm-Luckys 6pm- Barrow-8pm O Connells 9:30 pm - Iron Monkey at 11 pm (with bands) (all Bar crawl and Halloween rules apply). If you prefer your bars stationary, there are two great parties to the east and west of us. Closer by far is the Carnival of Souls party in Kearny. Housed in the Freeman building , this 21 and up, Free affair will have room for all of your Souls and Sins. To the East, Rublad presents their own Freaky Friday party, I also hear there is a Danger Party for Halloween. Oh ! It's so hard to compete with those quick and clever city kids.

You won't die if you are in JC on Halloween. But with daylight savings giving us an extra hour you may be come close. Since I am contractually obligated to promote my own party first, here's the full skinny on Part's One and Two of the Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party. Like I said a thousand time, s over we start early so you can drink late and make your of the Halloween Parties.
Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween Party 58 Gallery
$ 5 suggested donation (a costume would be a good idea) BYOB OK
Here's the line up - times are sharp
8:00 Elvis Costello (Sean Square Wave Punch)
8:30 Tres de Magnifico (Pat Bryne, Nick and Augie)
8:45 Credence Clearwater Revival (Any Day Parade)
9:30 The Sonics (The Neutron Drivers)
10:15 The Stooges ( Billy Filo's Death Trip)
DJ Neil "Bloody Eggs" McCoy in between and after the bands.
Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party Part #2 the Lamp Post
Midnight The Misfits (Brine and the Bastards)

Halloween starts earliest at LITM , with a pre- NYC Halloween Parade Party from 5 to 8pm. (check out my last post below for info about Paul Vincent Gallery and LITM's Halloween Events). DJ Bill is at the White Star for a Zombierific Vinyl Solution, Lucky Seven's, has a Halloween Bash, LITM, Lamp Post, Port-o-lounge does, really folks everyone bar in town is having a costume contest with drink specials. I am not dressing up like my facebook page so I won't be regurgitating them all here. Parlay Recording Studios , is celebrating the opening if their new incredible 13,000 s/f multi-use film and photo studio facility at 161 2nd Street (right behind Shoprite), with a Halloween Fundraiser. Tigersapien and Aminal play. On a similar note and purpose, JC (recording) Studios, opened up in at 143 Columbus, bands can email pat ( to bopok the newly renovated space with 4 climate controled practice room. The studios are located just below, the Lex Leonard Gallery, take a visit after you wind back your clock and Saturday Night.

On Sunday, you can turn back the clock on baseball and visit an exhibition of vintage baseball by The Jersey City Skeeters. at Lincoln Park. My neighbor sent me this darling write up that I shall not attempt to plagiarise:
We play in games with rules established either in the 1860's or the 1900's in vintage old-style uniforms. We play teams from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. The team was started a few months ago by David Kerans . Dave is resurrecting the history and legacy of the Skeeters, a team that existed up until the 1930's. We are holding an open scrimmage and batting practice in Lincoln Park West field (on the west side of Route 440) this Sunday, November 1, 2009 from 1-3 P.M. and November 7&8, time to be determined.
Any prospects should contact David Kerans at 646-469-3464 or Peter Harrison at 917-576-7181.
This is a casual event for people that are interested in checking us out. They should not feel intimidated if they haven't played baseball in years. Hell, they'll have the winter to get into shape. They should come out and play ball. We want to get people interested in the team and stoke interest for next season.

On Sunday, Kelly St. Patrick will perform at at Made with Love Organics Sunday Brunch from 1 to 3pm. Their monthly communal dinner just got a nice review.

On Tuesday, I will dj-ing at LITM for Ken Bastard's latest opening. His new work features almost 100 new panels entitled the Machine. From speaking with him last week, this undertaking may be more time consuming than his last opening, in which he painted for 24 hours straight. Someone bring this guys a pillow. Hope to see you there.

Happy Halloween.