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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Life

Thanks to everyone who came out to both Jayne's Birthdays Party at the Firehouse on Friday the 28th, and those of you who made it out to Maxwell's and 58 for New Year's Eve. The only tragedy of the evening was paying $20 for a cab ride from Maxwell's to Jersey City. That and cleaning up for 4 and a half hours on New Year's Day.

Unless I hear otherwise, this weekend is going to be pretty quiet in JC. Update, I have heard some new information :

The Out side is playing tonight at Fontana's in the city 9:45 pm

Tonight Cobretti plays the Lamp Post DJ Snack Attack seems to be GaGa about them from this MySpace Post:

that's right!!!this band fuggin' rocks. that's all i gotta say. trust me on this. reminds me of rye coalition, motorhead, and ac/dc...with some of the sickest double drumming i've ever heard OR seen. the two drummers share a base drum and play face to's gotta be seen and heard....the show is free. livin' is easy. SEE YOU THERE, JERSEY CITY!

But tonight has some stuff to offer. DJ Bill McCamie is at Bar Magestic and DJ Cat Jugler is at the Lamp Post. Speaking of the Lamp Post, Tuesday Night DJ's will be on hiatus until the weather warms up. Friday and Saturday Nights are going to be band nights as well.

Dancing Tony