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Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Live From Jersey City, It's jcFRIDAY NIGHT LIVE !"

It took me most of my childhood to stay up late enough to finally watch Saturday Night Live's Mr. Bill. Incidentally, I also missed Mick Jagger and Keith Richards making out in 1978. Luckily that didn't stop my desire to throw live shows and thankfully things are just getting underway for the 2014 seasons. With  a city-wide day of Arts, this JC Fridays offers a host of different mediums and medias of enjoyment. I'm teaming up with the O.G.'s of JCF's Art House Productions and hosting four great musical acts at AHP"s Penthouse Crib [1 McWilliams Pl] for jcFRIDAY NIGHT LIVE .

Sean Kiely [fmr Square Wave Punch] starts things off at 7:30 pm. Playing in his trio, David Heilman, a first class JC drummer and Norwegian Idol Judge joins Sean and then stays on to play with Jeff Taylor. Former JC Native's Food Will Win the War, puts a false ending to the night before an interactive performance piece by Ceallaigh Pender and Kit Vogelsang end us "Lost in the Land of Sigmund Freud's Looking Glass".  JC Studios who is celebrating their 2nd year downtown, has a full showcase of music and art starting at 6 pm. and you can catch the an after party show across town at at with Papermaker Douglas Dynamo at MOJO Lounge.

This is only a small slathering of the events of JCFridays' and sadly me attempting to tell you everything going would only repeat what is here at and my schedule doesn't not allow such comfort. Just a big not too, Hamilton Health and Fitness is giving away tow full year memberships, to the person who consumes and relays the most JC Friday Trivia Knowledge. Apparently writing a blog about JC Fridays doesn't count

A premature start of the weekend begins with The Art House; downtown's longest running spoken word, musical, comedic, dramatic performances. Although commanding a delightful dictation, BROKEN ENGLISH, who most likely performed better on his SAT's than I did hosts this installment I'll be spinning out the jams for Ladies of their Night at Lucky's.

On Saturday, I'll be Hosting a DJing PI-e Day a LCCS Fundraiser at Liberty Science Center, that celebrates all this PI and Pie. Eat happy Einstein's! All you need to know about this never ending number and those crustaceans is here. I'm off on Saturday Night DJ's Stay Golden Pony Boy and J-Tower have This Saturday. as I will be prepping for a trip to Austin for South by Southwest, looking forward seeing a bunch of JC based bands , such as The Everymen, Stuyvesant, Overlake, The Black Hollies, and our newest neighbors, The Front Bottoms. If you know any couches in the Austin area hood me up, I make a great omelette.

I'm pretty much taking off next week from updating Jersey City on Jersey City. WFMU's Meghan McKee, will be in for a Girl on Girls Night next Thursday and Motor Funker spins next ST. Patty's Day Saturday Night, Keeping all things Irish DJ William McCamie spins on Sunday Night. 

Here's a quick run down on the low down of things around town 


J.C. Open Slam Featuring Poet On Watch! 7:30 @ The Dopeness
Wreaths-The Black Hollies-Brother JT-Overlake 7:30 @ Bowery Electric
Ladies Night with Dancing Tony @ Lucky 7's 10 pm 
Wax Darts / Everymen 10:30 @ Piano's 
Awkward Girls - Battery Electric - Pato Zorba 10:00 @ The Lamp Post 

JCFriday full listing of all JCfriday Events here 
Broad Views | Landscape Photos @ Gallery 58 6 pm 


JC PI-e Day at Liberty Science Center 
DJ's Stay Golden Pony Boy and J-Tower @ Lucky7's 



Woman's History Month Exhibit Opening Reception at City Hall. FREE 6 to 9 pm 

disclaimer: i'm at the point where my mom and I used to be up all night typing my High School papers. she typed which made things much easier.