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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident

My fellow Americans [and those soon to be on the 13 year pathway to citizenship], 

Please join us down at the Morris Canal Park [the end of Washington Street] , aka, the Jetty, aka Peninsula Park for our annual, 4th of July BBQ. There will be Volleyball, Music, Frisbee, Sun, karaoke and a total obstructed view of the Macy's Fireworks. Like all great BBQ's, this country was built on hard work and determination of our citizens and a skyrocketing national debt. So if you are coming please come at noon to help set-up, stay late to help clean-up, bring something to share besides a pack of cigarettes, or be kind enough to offer some currency. 

We will have two grills, and coolers. It's always smart to bring something for the cooler and maybe some ice as it will be a hot day. We set up at noon. Also maybe bring your horseshoes or boccie ball set ? Lawn darts anyone. 

After the non-fireworks: I'll be DJing at Lucky 7's Lady Liberty Party at 10 pm. I'm also DJing this Saturday with Bram Teitelman aka bramphetamine expect punk, '80s/'90s alt stuff, some metal and current stuff

Just a quick follow up the JC Summer Olympics start on Saturday July 27th with Volleyball and Wiffleball at Morris Canal. Contact me or Post on the page if you are interested in hosting a Team., 

Lucky 7's Rock n Roll Bands Beer Outdoor BBQ is July 13th 10 bands start at 1 pm. 

On July 20th A Mid Summer Night's Scream a day of Music Magic and Mysticism takes place at the Historic JC & Harsimus Cemetery  Live Music|Magicians|Paranormal Activists Live Music by Patchwork, Nick C and the OCD's, Pilot Jones, The Money Shot, Cinema Cinema, Pocketful, Mother, Stare Syndicate, Pyramada $10 donation