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Friday, March 30, 2012

Just click right back and I'll tell you a tale

The Minnow sails again this Saturday Night . It is guaranteed to run aground on a sand bar, as at this moment the trap is being set with two tons of sand being spilled out for Lucky 7's Beach Party Weekend [Friday-Sunday]. On Saturday, come dressed as a Castaway or in beach attire for extra special drink specials and prizes for the Gilligan's Island themed mis-adventure. DJ Soul and Daveed are at Port-O lounge this Saturday. They will be grooving it as well and it will be a good place to wash the sand out of your trunks.

Groove on Grove debuts this Wednesday at 6pm with and all-star ensemble. The Defending Champions at 6 pm , The One and Nines at 7 pm, and Food Will Win the War at 8 pm. Liquor from Barcade and Saigon Cafe.

It's Mom's Birthday Tonight. It's ends in a zero so It's important and I can't tell you the other number.

gotta go

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

two weekends at the beach

Hi welcome to the Rock-it Docket your own version of Facebook enlightened.

This Friday Thomas Francis Takes his Chances is playing the Everymen VHS release party at Asbury Lanes. Nico Blues opens things up at around 9 pm. Crazy and the Brains, misplaced said item and forgot that they were double booked. Come early and stay late we will be hanging  in the Asbury Hood all night. If you can make the beach on Friday. Save your coconuts and prepare for a ride on the USS Minnow next weekend, for Lucky's 7's annual Beach Party weekend. On Saturday 3/31 DJ's Little Buddy and the Skipper will make sure to steer things on right on the sand lot. Drink specials for costumes castaways.

Next Friday, at about the same time half a ton of sand will be spread out on Lucky's floor, Chico Mann plays Robert Piersanti's closing party at Boca Grande.

This Sunday, check out Paul Vincent galley from 3pm-7pm for the opening of Obscure Dignitaries.

here's the rest 140 charachters or less:

W: Tempest Open Jam at LampPost 
W: Open Mike at Boca Grand
R : Open Mike at Moore's Lounge
R : A High Line grows in Jersey City at Barrow Mansion TALK, DISCUSSION & BOOK SIGNING
With Robert Hammond, Co-Founder of Friends of the High Line and Coalition Advisory Board member. The story of how a remarkable community collaboration came together to create a park celebrated worldwide. Free and Open to the Public. Sponsored by the Embankment Preservation Coalition. Co-sponsored by Barrow Mansion Development Corp, with support of Harsimus Cove Association.For more information about these organizations, please see: The Embankment Preservation Coalition: Friends of the High Line: Harsimus Cove Association: 

F: Creative Grove Artist Market at Grove Street Plaza 
S: Sus-tain a Fundraiser for the Creative Grove Artist Market 
Fundraiser for Creative Grove Artist Market sat 24th of march, 10 pm - 1 am at Boca Grande,
564 Washington Blvd, JC Pavonia Newport The artist market needs the community to keep the fabulous programs, music and awesomeness WEEKLY, let's chip in and party at the same time! We will be showcasing three excellent bands at Boca Grande with  THOMAS FRANCIS TAKES HIS CHANCES | THE AUDIOBODIES | OMEGA PLEASE.  all JC favorites, homegrown music, supporting our weekly public platform for the artists and creatives Special guest DJ to be announced.
More details to come. Its going to be an extraordinary event

note: No Facebook links were used in creating this blog.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Please Read Before Drinking or Green with Heavy [Drinking]

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday : O'Dear.

Now you can take all day to read James Joyce's Ulysses's or practice up on your Gaelic.

What's that you say ? you are really just looking for an excuse to drink all day, okay figures. well; first wear something Green, add and "O' " too your last name. Call every girl Lass. Make sure you don't know anything about Irish history and at some time be so wasted that you even you don't know what you are saying.

I'm starting early too, DJ William McCamie [last name not modified] and I,  Dancing Tony [I'll be doing the jig I guess] will be spinning at PJ Ryan's St. Pat's Block Party. It's just East of Snookiville on Mercer [and Barrow] We are spinning from 1 pm to 10 pm out doors on their back deck, with an Irish Band that covers The Chieftains to U2. The Party moves indoors until close. Two Bars outside as well.

Later in the Evening:

Secret Country play Kearny Irish
DJ Leonard Smalls at L7's St. Pat's Party - Stuff going on all Day too [I think]
I'm not sure there are bands at teh Lamp Post as they may not want to waste valuable drinking space :)

Now also any other Establishment that serves alcohol may be doing something similar to this so please enjoy, be safe and eat something !!!

Just a guide here : Avoid anyone wear a plastic green bowler hat.

Even though you may wish to be a party animal please don't get your pet wasted

Sunday : Looks good for Volleyball : Try to sleep it off

Saturday, March 3, 2012

For further information please call 411-5858

Hope you made it out last night for JC Fridays. Thanks to a 3 hour nap I was a one stop shopper, and spent my night at Pianoland. Great sets by the Ashes [new album available on iTunes], I am the Heat [with their newest member Billy Franklin] and Thomas Francis Takes his Chances  [shows on March 10th & March 23rd at Asbury Lanes]

I got a bunch of questions and emails last night that I wanted to clarify some things:

1. The Rock-it Docket is not ceasing bloglication.  [although I've been considerably slowing things down] I am however looking for a Charlie [Charlie and the Chocolate Factory] assistant to update the information and links on this blog. If you interested and involved in the Jersey City Scene and have about 5 hours free.

2. The business known as 58 Gallery was closed by Orlando Reyes in January, you can check the 58 website for further details or contact Orlando about his future plans and a new location for 58 Gallery.

3. After ten year's on Harrison Street in Hoboken,  Moonlight Mile Recording Studio, run by Mike Mobious,  will soon call the back room at 58 Coles Street their new home. When the new space is ready we will keep you posted about events, which will surely have a musical focus. As for the front space, which formerly housed the front gallery for 58 Gallery, Artists looking to show artwork, and those people interested in curating shows in the Front Room should contact Jon Besante.

If you are still confused wait for the VH1 special

Friday, March 2, 2012

JC Fry Days and Night

all you need to know about today and tonight.

oh but you want to sit on my lap and have me read it to you.

sorry no can do. but there's cool pics on my blog.

I'm hoping to go uptown to Moore's Lounge for some Fish Fry and LIve Music compliment of soem Freakin Fabulousness. JC Studios has Fort Courage and All in Italy. Boca Grande is unblocking the rock in a Headbanger's ball of music. On the late late Pianoland has teh Ashes, In am the Heat, and my kids Thomas Francis Takes His Chances.

You may have noticed that there are no listings for 58 this time around. If you are unaware, Orlando closed 58 Gallery in January. The back room of 58 Coles Street will soon be the new home of Hoboken's Moonlight Mile Recording Studio. Once things are finished keep you eyes and ears open for events to continue.

as usual I'm out of time. anyone who is involved in the Jersey City scene and is interested in making something and some money keeping this blog relevant give me a call.

if i missed your event this time I also missed the other half of my lunch hour :) so yuo owe me a sandwich.