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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's get Seussical by the Moonlight Santa babies

Special thanks to The One and Nines, The Micks, The Orion Experience, Fort Courage, and the Charlie Afrosheens for last JCFridays awesome performances. Another successful event in the 10th most artistic city on in America. No time to take a bow, the show must go on ! And this Saturday Night we are going to take Jersey City's Thomas Francis Takes His Chances and In Musth to Moonlight Mile Studios for a Mobius Christmas. DJ Street Justice spins. Doors are at 9 pm.

Tonight and through this weekend. Art House Productions, Stages ! [a Theatre Academy and Youth Performance Group] scramble their own versions of Green Eggs and Ham, served with a Cat in the Hat for Seussical Jr! This is of course a kid friendly event, but you don't need to wait for your heart to grow three times it's size if you want to get down in who-ville. On Friday Night, adults can help raise funds for Art House Productions Holiday Party at Lucky Seven's. $20 donation gets you an open bar for two hours from 8 pm to 10pm, plus great raffle prizes inclusive of tickets for this year Snow Ball. Please don't ask me to do the math?

Theatrically Speaking, JCity Theatre, is putting up the tree for their annual Tuna Christmas, and if you can't get through the holidays without visiting Bedford Falls, a radio reading of It's a Wonderful Life is being performed by the Attic Ensemble at Barrow Mansion/. Beyond tearing up when Harry Bailey toasts the richest man in town, the annual Holiday Cheer of this Saturday's Santacon [Santa Convention] is great fun for anyone looking to dress up as Mr. or Mrs. Claus. On Sunday, head to Grace Church for their second annual Holiday Concert: Performers include : Roland Ramos, Debra Devi, J Hacha De ZoLa, Found Wandering, Frank Ippolito, Carolyn Light, Amy Elise, Tersea Blunda, Kate Kaiser, Chrissy Roberts, Glen Coleman, John Young, Katja Larssen, Stacy Weidenmuller, David Ribyat, Donald Gallagher, Mary Aiken, Dave Ace Case, Cat Lombardi, Anthony Blunda, Peter Moffitt. 1:30 pm

On the live music side, Omega Please, Shen and a combination of letters that I don't feel like typeing is playing tonight at the Lamppost. Omega Please, is a musical project of Thomas Carlson [Jc Artshool] , Daivid Sullivam [Neurourolist] and Lizzie Kenny [TFTHC], check it out swing by Woolpunk studios to score a date first though. If you already have someone , great invite them to your work holiday party, or take your super special to catch Manouche Bag at Madamme Claude's beforehand. 

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