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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Friday, October 7, 2011

There goes the Gayborhood

Mother Nature is blessing this weekend with some great weather. Maybe because she had whipped up a Hurricane for the August 31th Do Ask Do Tell - Hudson Pride Festival which will be held this Sunday instaed. Stop by the Rock-it Docket End of the Rainbow Stage from noon to 6:30. Here's the schedule Ignite Violet [noon], Sing GAZELLE! [1245], M. Josephine [130], MrBlackman JuneStar & the Afro Charlie Sheens [215], Thomas Francis Takeshischances [300], DJScott Free dance-set-tearia [345], SIRENA [415], Dujuana Sharese with Spacious Curtis [445], The Aster Pheonyx Project [530]. Tonight PINT host a special Gayborhood Event and there some burlesque to be seen in town tonight as well. Check out this link for the full schedule of events

Tonight. Join 58 for their annual group show. Long time artist and new bloods particiapte in what may be a Grand Finale as the city again is trying to close down the gallery.

Thomas Francis is live tonight on the radio  ~WRSU 88.7 Rutgers Radio~ Tomorrow night 10pm - 12 am In studio performance / interview - Overnight Sensations* sure to amuse. And plays this Sunday's Hudson Pride Festival at 3 pm and Asbury Lanes at 8 pm

As usual y apolgies becuase it's alomost 2 pm and I am just getting time to do this. I'll have to cut out my West Wing time and my Android Backgammon time from now on. NOT.