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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ghost of Uncle Joe's FAQ's and FYI's or My Last Will and Testament
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[post resureditted from last year]

Although there won't be a quiz, I wanted to make sure you zombies and ghouls are all experts on this Saturday's Fundraiser.

First FAQ

Q:   I heard it's going to be cold and rainy and may even snow on Saturday will the event still occur ?

A: Of course not silly, cold and rain don't make fun parties. The Rain Date for the Cemetery portion of the party with will be SUNDAY OCTOBER 30 at 3:30/4:00 PM. THE AFTER LIFE PARTY AT THE LAMP POST WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS OF THE WEATHER. But come early as we may throw an extra band or two on the bill.

We will make a call on the event on Friday Evening, or early Saturday Morning . Check for the latest updates. 

+++ Please be respectful of the cemetery grounds and those persons in attendance in spirit +++++DO NOT Smoke around the graveyard. Smoke in the driveway area only and DO NOT LITTER
DO NOT Lean on, sit on, play on the Gravestone. Most of them are older than you.
BE CAREFUL walking the grounds of  the cemetery. The walkways are old and some of the ground has settled. DO NOT - DO NOT go into any restricted areas as there are dangerous and most likely have poison ivy as well.

The event is outdoors,  and it starts at 5 pm and ends at 10 pm. It's a fundraiser for the Cemetery. (since you are not the charity please donate $10.) You need to be 18 to enter, or must be with a guardian to attend this event and will need to sign a waiver to enter.

Parking. Please park your car down the hill from the cemetery. There is no Parking on Newark Ave. Food and Drinks  Lucinda's Crepe truck, Cal's Hot Dogs and Made with Love Organic Bakery will be on hand serving food, hot chocolate and hot cider until 9:30 pm. This year we rented TWO porto-potties. You can BYOB to this event. We will also have ghoulish libations available. 

Set Times : 5:30 Vice Presidents of the US, 6:15 Nirvana , 7:00 The Faces, 7:45 U2, 8:30 The Cure, 9:15 The Ramones. DJ Jam Master Jay All Night [our apologies to Belinda Carlise we didn't know the The Go-Go's are on Vacation

10:00 Zombie March to the Lamp Post for the After Life Party with : 10:30 The Exploding Hearts , 11:10 The Talking Heads, 11:50 Foo Fighters 12:30 Weezer  1:10 Smashing Pumpkins with DJ Jam Master Jay and Deadman Tony.

The After-life party is free but we will be accepting donations and selling Totes, T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and Hoodies with and image designed and printed by the Jersey City Art Workshop to raise money for the Historic JC and Harsimus Cemetery [click here for link to donate] Flyer Design by Mike Mandracchia.