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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

zoning in on 58

first thanks to all the DJ's spun it up right for the Superheroes and Villains Party last Friday:  Street Justice, Pastiche, George Soul Fernandez, Leonard Smalls, DJ Louie, Appetite, Motor Funker, Daveed, Lucha DJ, Chuck Daly, and of course, my room mate DJ William McCamie. I never made it behind the decks but I did find my iPOD attched to a mixer the next day. sadly, this weekend also marked the last days of the Waterbug. good time and good waves Lex.

meanwhile, the struggle continues .................

On the 58 front , we are moving ahead with applying for a multiple of zoning variances in order that we no longer operate, wait for it "an illegal art gallery", on a parallel front we are working with city leaders to revise the current entertainment ordinance. and most likely I'll be pleading guilty to possession and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance " live music". To bail us out of this we need to raise about $1,500 to apply for the variance. Join us on JC Fridays for a 58 Benefit with Fancy Colors 9 pm, Little, Big at 8 pm, and Mr Junestar Blackman at 7pm. There is a Suggested Donation of $10. oh my. Afterwards, head uptown for "the Party After" with DJ Neva or head towards The Hamilton Inn to hang with Street Justice    at her Friday Night Gig at the Hamilton Inn . for a Pop Art Post Party from their In Spirited Company exhibit at the Cemetery

Fighting the good fight is this weekend's theme. On Saturday,  Parlay Studios hosts a Record Riot from noon to 8 pm. At Lucky Seven's, Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Aminal and In Musth rock and help Leonard Smalls celebrate a birthday and raise goods for single mothers support through the York Street Project. JC Sh!thead crew Fights Cancer with a special benefit at the Lamp Post.