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Monday, May 24, 2010

She who laughs last, laughs best

Melissa Surach's Babyhole will take it's final laugh tomorrow night at the Lamp Post. Ms. Surach,  who works tirelessly (performance evaluations available upon request) at three different jobs to put her dog dirty through obedience school, pulled babyhole out of a black-hole of absent comedy in Jersey City. Now, three years after first stealing tips to feed her penchant for alcohol, Jersey City's longest running comedy night will have it's last laugh this Tuesday Night.

To mark this special occasion,  the new owner's of the Lamp Post are keeping the kitchen and back dining room open until 10 pm. When the last plate is cleared, Melisa will set up her joke warehouse for the last time.  Special musical guest, Ace Case and the Cross Country All-Stars play first,  Mike Recine hosts, with  stand up performances by Rosie RebelMark Normand. and sketch comedy from local comedy troupe Upset Triangle .  Along the way, the final six slots for local comics will be be partitioned off.  Remember, it may be easy to be a wise-ass, but  it takes guts to put your funny where your mouth is.  Don't miss tonight's punch line.

If the end of babyhole had brought you down, recover on Wednesday with the return of Groove on Grove to our outdoor location. Menacing clouds forced last Wednesday's classical performance indoors to Bar Majestic, but Manouche Bag and the Bryan Beninghove Trio will be tent-less for this installment. Bryan, who also performs at Skinner's Loft for Saturday Brunch will starts things off at 6 pm. At 7pm he joins  Manoche Bag, the french jazz-gypsy ensemble fronted by Madame Claude's proprietor Mattias Gustafsson. The stage is set for  a french resistance not worth missing.  Also, if you misssed there perforamce after lats Sunday's very sucessfull 10 mile Jersey City Bike Tour by Bike JC,  Grove Street Bikes, will reprise their BMX bike demo in between acts.