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Thursday, December 31, 2009

the blog-cade is over

The eerie silence of 10 peaceful days was shatterred on the eve of the new decade with this simple communique.

Let's Party


But who cares it snowed and I am not in the mood to edit. (by the way this new version of Blogger doesn't have spell check either ?)

Bunch of parties going on tonight. Any place with TV and a bar will be open offering special NYE drinking packages, champagne toasts, and noisemakers. Use your wallet wisely, As usual, I'll just keep to things within the barmuda triangle. Stay close to home,  and your friends it what really counts tonight.

58 - Decade Dance Party with Thomas Francis Takers His Chances (11pm) and One West (Featuring b. Murph - 12:30 am) DJ's Street Justice, DJ Soul, Scott Free, and Dancing Tony. Doors 10 pm. $10 before 2am, $5 after.

Luckys - Special Ladies Night 1/2 price for the ladies - Leonard Smalls on the decks.
Lamppost - Funk and Soulful New Year with Jahna Rain spinning -
Port-o Lounge - Dj Bill McCamie Spinning
White Star - New Years Eve Party _ Dj Matt "the play-list" Kopec brings it home

Risk Takers and people who think outside of the triangle.

Plus Eternal Christmas is an all weekend party.

Don't let your grandparents have all the fun on New Years Day.

Kilsy Plays at Maxwells.

As for January 2, 2010.

Welcome to the Paladrome Party at Luckys DJ Dancing Tony and Leonard Smalls
the Bad Parts at Lamp Post

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weekend Edition : Holiday Additions

With all of the holiday hustling, I really haven't had a chance to mention an excellent holiday concept conspired by Flaming Fire frontman, Patrick Hambrect and other talented artists. It's a month long exhibit entitled Eternal Christmas, like all things that Patrick does,  this event is an eccentric combination of art, music, and mayhem (which is humbug spelled backwards).   This weekend,  and into the new decade, there will be live performances, dance parties, holiday readings, a pot-luck christmas party, and even live WFMU broadcast and sandwich making contest this Monday ! Does anyone know how to make an avant garde on rye ?

If you prefer tuna on pumpernickel, J City Theater presents the reindeer-shun of a Tuna Christmas. Taking it's name and setting from the Texaes town of Tuna, this comedy gives more than a good dusting to a town squarely south of the North Pole. The show runs tonight and through this weekend at The Underground Theater at St. Michael’s Church (252 9th St.). Tickets are $20 and can be purchased online here

Finally, equal parts Christmas and Halloween, Tim Burton's, The Nightmare before Christmas plays tonight (R) at the Warehouse, for their final Movies on the Wall of 2009.  Although both holidays are favorites for children, the movie is not meant for a strolled based clieintelle. The movie is free and starts at 7:30pm. 

With one week to go until x-day, you can follow the hords to the malls and big stores, or follow big shoppers like Scarlett Johansen, to Another Man's Treasure. The lovely Starlette and Liev Schreiber adorn the upcoming Time Out : Holiday Shopping Guide. You can keep your shopping local , by gifting from the only town that sells I love JC shirts (available at Nine Lives Skate Shop). Make your grandma's outfit complete with a modern day sweater (aka a hoodie)  from Jersey City Tattoo . If Made in Jersey City name is what want, check out this Friday's Creative Grove market of local artists and vendors.

(blog readers - my earlier post is below)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Reassess

It's Holiday Overdrive week. Toy Drives, Food Drives, Holiday Parties, maybe it is no wonder that so much eating and drinking takes place during December ? I don't know, and I am not going to wax poetic about it either cause I have got Holiday Parties, Toy Drives, and Food Drives to get ready for.

As you are figuring out how to regift those scented candles from your Secret Santa, I'll be shoveling off the snow from my holiday record collection for this week's sleighful of parties in the Bar-muda Triangle (The inescapable area within the boundries of the White Star, Lucky Seven's and the Lamp Post).  Personally, I'll be hosting Thurdsay Night's Bro's Before Ho's at the Lamp Post. Just in time for Christmas, we will be rebranding this nights edition as Bro's before Ho Ho Ho's. Expect a couple of mikes for some Karaoke Karoling, and really, we will roast some nuts.  On Friday, you can enjoy a White Christmas at the White Star. The Big Man, aka Santa, aka one of the massive dudes who plays for White Star Softball Team will be there, with presents and shots. I'll be decking the halls with music. On Saturday Night, DJ Kris Kringle and special guests spin for Lucky Sevens' Holiday Party. Don't worry kids, Santa likes to binge drink and will also be on hand to give out presents and offer some of that coveted laptime that kids under 12 get at the Mall.  Saturday Night is also the last night of DJ Leonard Smalls and Luycky 7's donation drive for the York Street Project, so please a baby related item.  On Sunday, I'll at Porto to spin for a Hygene High Jinx party for St. Lucy's Shelter. Please bring one to three toiletry products to be donated to St. Lucy's Homeless Shelter.

NOTE :  If you have children, and/or don't like your Santa to smell like Jameson, hit the Farmers Market at the Grove Street PATH on Thursday from 4 to 6 pm. Saint Nick will be there and sober.

Well that's my schedule,  let's take a look at the rest of the league and don't worry there friends,  there is plenty of missletoe to go around. Tonight's (T) Babyhole at the Lamp Post is guess what ?  yes a holiday themed party. Melissa is really going with shipping in the canned laughter and asked that you bring some canned food for tonight's event.  At Lucky's,  Kagero, who play a Japanese Gypsy Rock,  is actaully debuting there new CD,  Japanese Gypsy Rock, fellow Montclairions, the McMickle Brothers will be on hand play and work the merch booth.  Due to a holiday related, Frosty the Snowman meltdown I had, Rocker Tycoon Zak Clark will spin afterwards. 

On Friday Night, Tris McCall debuts his new EP, Let the Night Fall, at Piano's on Ludlow Street in NYC. Tris will personally stuff your stocking with a FREE copy that evening, or,  you can go pick one up at his apartment. They are free, but Tris is charging $7 to open his front door. On stage,  Tris is sandwiched between Palomar at 10 pm, and the Midnight Show, who play at 8 pm (Hey.  it's only a band name folks get with it)

On Saturday Night, Miss Ohio and Blood,  Guts and Beer play at the Lamp Post. Don't be fooled by other imitations, The Lamp Post is Jersey City's premiere rock venue.

NOTE: Singer Songwriter Night will be on holiday until January.

While the elves ready the reindeers draw Santa's sled through the sky, you can draw yourelf to Paul Vincent Studios life drawing class tonight (T) in Hoboken.  LITM's drawing club meets tonight and every Tuesday. This Thursday, life drawing returns to downtown Jersey City at the newly opened Jersey City Art School, The school, opened by Thomas J Carlson earlier this month, is in the space formerly occupied by Hala Vintage on 5th Street. The art school will offer classes taught by local artists, as well as hosting lectures and exhibitions. Go tom, go !

ON A RELATED NOTE : The closing reception for Dana Gannon's Animalia will be this Sunady from 2 pm to 5 pm. 

Now back to the music;  DJ Lucha, celebrates a full year at Lucky Seven's this Wednesday Night. Some un masked and masked guest DJ's will be in attendance to help celebrate thus turntable event.  Steff " Street Justice" Kautzmann has the mysterious Harry Dyke Newman spinning at the Lamp Post on Wednesday. Word from my room mate is DJ William McCamie is spinning at Porto Lounge this Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday is always Leonard Smalls' Ladies Night at Luckys. DJ Caligula, has Fridays at the Lamp Post and Saturday Night, Paul Medoza holds the line at LITM. Next Tuesday,  Street Justice spins her own holiday party at Motor City in NYC.

NOTE : Saturday Night's Vinyl Solution at the White Star is on Holiday until Jnauary 9th 2010.

Finally, and before both my blog installement and this year ends. 58 has lined up Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, One West (featuring B. Murph) and the reunion of American Watercolor Movement for New Years Eve.  Along with Decade-Dance Party with Street Justice, Dancing Tony and special guests to close out 09 with.

"Attention Shoppers,  please make your your daily selections and head out to enjoy the Holidays with your friends and family, The Rockit Docket will be on vacation until from December 22 to January 3rd"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

time to go balls out

Tonight (R) Street takes over City Hall for our First Annual City Hall Ball. We've got live music by Manoche Bag, Slow Learner and closing out the night will be Thomas Francis Takes His Chances. The Live art created at this years 4th Street Festival will be on display along with live art from the Agitator's Collective. Another Man's Treasure presents a Vintage Winter Wear Fashion Show. Norm is dressing up the place with his light magic, so you please with your wardrobe. It's a Ball. (You can even test market your outfit for January 2010's Snow Ball ) Things start at 5 pm. It's OK to skip dinner, we have a nice spread and some fermented grapes in a bottle.

Balls and Gowns can't split up afterwards. Chuck D (Jersey City Tattoo Company) has Bro's Before Ho's at the Lamp Post while my home girl Leonard Smalls hosts the ladies at the Luckys. Or you can go together to Just add Sound at Grassroots Community Space.

Friday, Bag the Habit hosts a Holiday Show and Sale at DEEN (at 140 Bay Street) Dj Soul George Fernandez spins. It starts at 7 pm. The first 25 peeps get a Bag the Habit Gift Bag. Taking a different holiday note (and sound), Moonlight Mile Recording Studio in Hoboken hosts Andy Meagher (ppm) Mark Prindle, Jim Laakso, & Brenda Prindle (10 pm) (, Plowing Mud Forever (11 pm) (, Torrential Downpour (12 am) (, for a party party.

Friday you can also put your funny where you mouth is , for The Stockinette's Monthly Comedy Night. Stockinette's show is a mere $3 and is Hosted by Jason Youner
there are 6 comedians here are some links to the feature funnymen
Matt Maragno
Danny Solomon
Dan Goodman
Tom Sibley

Stay all night in Hoboken and wake up at the door steps of Paul Vincent Studios, for their Itsy Small Work and Craft Sale at noon. Also selling out that day will be _gaia clothing swap at 315 3rd Street its from 2-5pm: $5 donation and 1 bag or more of gently used, pre-loved clothes to swap.

As for me I'll be hanging with 300 to 500 Santa for Santacon on Saturday Ho Ho Bro. I should be back in time for the One and Nines CD Release at Luckys on Saturday ay 8 pm. they play with Rainbow Fresh. If I cant make that I hopefuly will catch my roommate DJ Bill McCamie at the White Star's Vinyl Solution. Or I may at Arthouse for the SHAU Group.

Sorry I missed your event.
The meter on my free time just ran out again

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All the Small Things (the short edition)

hey thanks to everyone for telling me the day after that you could here the music from the saints and sinners party down the street. lucky for me Jersey City Police were kind enough to inform me of that at 5:10 am. the party was over anyway, and at minimum, it made it a lot easier me ask you all to leave. thanks for coming. save dec 26th for a possible redux. please send me your pictures, I linked some early shots from Ray Schwartz, ifyou wnat to see what the place looked like before we packed. If anyone knows a Wade Carlson, please have him contact me because we think he took the wrong coat.

Tonight (T), I am spinning at LITM's Small Wonders group show at 7 pm. Zak Clark has my Singer Songwriter shift covered at Luckys. Hopefully, I'll get to stop by Babyhole tonight with time to catch some upset triangle stuff, it may not happen considering this short list of artists at LITM:

Sean Lugo, Jason Gluskin, Robert Piersanti, Megan Gulick, Minha KHAN, Danielle Scott, Nena Tahil, Corinne Dodenhoff, Maude Lemaire, Kasia Polkowska, Dominique Doktor, Todd Ryan, Spikytiger, Andrea Morin, Josephine Barriero, Kate Hoos, Joan Palmer, Kayt Hester, Mike Lindwasser, Melissa Marie Johnson, Luca Cusolito, Bonnie Gloris, Meghan McKee, Janet Kolstein, Max Ratchkauskas, Dave Dziemian, Joanne Simmons, Andrew Bovasso, Jade Kuei, Keith McGee, Beth Achenbach, Lau Gallico Klohe, Haas Colby and more!

The fun continues this week, with a JC Fridays ending. On Thursday, we debut, Dana Gannon's sculpture at 58, I am making another batch of hot cider and thinks it may be time to use "that never been used" fondue set I bought six years ago. Afterwards, it's a special edition , Bro's before Ho's afterparty at the Lamp Post. We will reprise Dana's opening for JC Friday's with an Any Day Parade performance at 9 pm.

Just looking a little further.

Get your goods together for Leonard Small Birthday Party on Saturday at Luckys. In lieu of presents he's asking peeps to bring good for the York Street Project. This Juggernaut celebration has Thomas Francis Takes His Chances, Aminal performing with guest DJ's Caligula, Alfonse, and yours truly.