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Monday, November 2, 2009

get out and vote or even algebra needs closure

lower case i wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Ghost of Uncle Joe's Halloween Party at 58. The bands put on a great show that kept on building up with each set. You can catch Credence Clearwater Revivalists, Any Day Parade with Fairmont , Jessie Ian Dunn and other label mates for the Mint 400 Records showcase at at the Iron Monkey this Friday. On Wednesday, the sonics of the Neutron Drivers can be heard at LIT Lounge and Neil is burying his Zombie Billy Mays outfit and his digital DJ ways to return for this Saturday's Vinyl Solution at the White Star.

As usual, there were some very creative Halloween costumes at the party, Ali's, Lena's , Laura's and Orlando's facebook pictures will do them justice. Keep your costume heads on folks. The Friday after Thanksgiving (11/29) will be our annual apartment party at my place. This years theme is Saints and Sinners. As for 58, the Agitator's Collective ask Who Will Save Beauty on Friday the 13th.

LITM's artistist in residence, Ken Bastard's 4th solo exhibit, entitled The Machine debut tonight. There are roughly 100 panels that Ken had created backgrounds at Friday's Creative Grove Urban Art Market, the foregrounds are now Bastardized. There $3 wine specials from 7 to 10 pm. I've got the soundtrack for tonight. That means I need to hand things of to Rocker Tycoon, Zak Clark for the post Singer Songwriter Night at Lucky Sevens. Rainbow Fresh, who is opening up fro the Steve Miller Band the the Pac Center plays to groovy sets to set your tripadelics to.

Melissa Surach has returned from the Eastern Bloc, even more enlightened. Tonight, the House of Leaves open up Babyhole. Jersey City's Laziest Sketchgroup, Upset Triangle feauting Ghost of Uncle Joe's Clash Frontman Pat Byrne performs.

Trivia returns to the Golden Cicada tonight, Brian Boles Bartends whiel Pete Crosta asks the questions. My Question is did you vote today ? Please vote yes for on the Public Question regarding Green Spaces an support funding for spaces like the Embankment. Here's a link to the Embankment Preservations Coalition Page. Please vote yes, then you can ruin the rest of your life with the political choices.

Wednesday night, Rebecca Vallejo plays NYC Flanders House > I'll let her give you the details but did she just say it's on the 44th floor of the New York Times Building ?

I will be performing at the "Flanders House" (I know, one step closer to Belgium), with my great friend and excellent Saxophone player John Snauwaert, and with Jazz masters Roni Ben-Hur and Bob Mover. "Jazz it up with Flanders House "Nov 4th at 8pm The New York Times Building 620 Eighth Avenue, 44th

The Cuban flavored rock of Delexilio is Live @ Camaradas on Thursday Night. in the heart of El Barrio ( 2241 First Avenue, near the corner of 115 Street, in the Spanish Harlem) They go on at at 10:30pm. Camaradas is a great venue where lots of NYC's cutting edge latin-rock acts are performing. It's a seriously cool place for art, culture, music, and it will catch you off guard with its hipness if you haven't been there yet.

mas manana adios