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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

scary puppets and monster creeps

Attention Creeps and Scary People : Your Day, I mean Night has come. No longer will you stand out in a crowd with girls squirming to get around you. This week, and this weekend is for you, but please dress up because nothing is creepier than that one person who doesn't dress up for Halloween, so stop by the dollar store and at least get a mask. Thank you.

With that said, sit back and enjoy a week full of Halloween Parties and Extravaganzas, as an added bonus, the government, in their attempt to curry favor before the election, has given you all an extra hour to drink on Saturday Night.

First off, make your way Melissa Surach Babyhole Halloween Extravaganza tonight at the Lamp Post. The House of Leaves play will frighten the stage. Alexander the Poet i think is equally squeamish, at least topless. Diane O'Debra is doing stand up and eating brains, plus the Money Kids are doing slash comedy. Tonights ends with the Mr. and Mrs. Killtown Competition. Here's Melissa talking with Patrick from the House of Leaves hyping the Groove on Grove Music Series from her public access show "It's Jersey City".

Outtake from Groove on Grove Episode from Melissa Surach on Vimeo.

Tonight, as in Tuesday, live music will also be at Lucky Seven's as part of their Singer Songwriter Series with Bern & The Brights and McMickle Bros.

On Halloween, Lucky Seven's Fright Night Party (see flyer). Prizes for Best Costume. In addition, you can pick up $200 Grand Prize at the Iron Monkey's Halloween Party on Fridays Night. The Lamp Post has DJ Billy Moylan and the Pumpkin Express. Of Course, almost any place you walk into on Friday, should have a costume contest at around midnight, even Paradise Deli is rumoured to have a contest. My inner ghoul tells me that LITM, O'Connell's, The Embankment, and PJ Ryan's in Jersey City all will give out cash for costumes.

McMahon's in Hoboken, is giving away a 10 person cocktail party at the Big City Manhattan Location, although I believe you could also cash it in Hoboken if you want to search for parking. Maxwell's is throwing a Halloween Karaoke Party, I kind of remember doing this last year, I'll see where Garbageman wants to go.

Art House Productions, will be appropriately hosting their Late Night Curiosities on Halloween Night. There are two shows, with a full list of entertainers, the first show is at 9:30 and the second at 11pm. click their link above to get the full story. Don't worry, you and your dead friends can make it out in time to be egged.

If you are not glue gunned down making your costume on Wednesday Night. head into the city for another excellent art/music/and fashion exhibition by Fortoul Presents at Blue in Greene in Soho. You can check out the art work by Isaac Fortoul, Bobby Castaneda, Heather Gargon, and Gabriel Fortoul from 8pm-11pm @ Blue in Green . Also Greg D, play with the Baby and the Bathwater at Wicked Willy's (149 Bleeker) at 9 pm sharp. On Thursday Night, Chico Man plays the What the Funk ? party in NYC. check out these flyers and other repetive annuncements to the right :)

I'm not sure if costumes are a requirement, but DJ's Therese and Vicky will be hosting their own Halloween Party at the Lamp Post on Wednesday Night, free candy corn and apples with razorblades for the bad kids. On Thursday, DJ Alfonse, Formerly the Cat Juggler, will be hosting an anti-Halloween night on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, the Milwaukees, who play Bar Majestic every last Thursday, will have their own Halloween's Eve Party. Costumes Costumes Costumes. People. Even the band is planning on Not being "Petty" about it.

This will be the first year without a Ghost of Uncle Joe's Party, but their should be some haunting at the old site, as I understand that the his tormented soul will be roaming the streets looking for you.

If you do plan to escape this Creep Town JC, make your way to the Danger Party on Halloween. Just follow the procession of white candles after the Village Halloween Parade on Friday Night.
The DANGER party is a 24-hour event that begins with their own procession over the Brooklyn Bridge. Check out for the full skinny.