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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are you better off now than you were 8 minutes ago ?

How many registered experts are voting this November ?

I think there must be at least 1000 employed by the news media, so that leaves roughly another 201,500,000 eligible voters to decide who will win. Hopefully, most of them have Comcast On Demand so they can make up their mind. If you are sure of who you are going to vote for, or if you need another debate, get your remote and Select - Music then select - Karaoke and you'll be ready for the upcoming Karaoke Dance Party this Thursday at the Lamp Post. It's Autumn and Farah's Birthday and I'll be hosting my own night for these ladies. (This is not a jab at Leonard Small's Ladies Night, which is at Lucky 7's on Thursday ) Come early, I think this may end up to be the sloppiest party for Joe Six Pack and company to date.

Tonight, you can get something completely Pre-Bush with Eric Fuzzco's 22nd birthday party. He's trimmed down his selection to all things prior to 1988. Ah those were the days. If you don't remember much from that time, try starting out with the Barrow Bar's Trivia Night.

Backing to the future, Any Day Parade and Mr. Badger both have gigs in the city on Thursday. Any Day Parade plays the Lakeside Lounge on Avenue B. Mr. Badger performance is at the Slipper Room and includes some Vaudville action. TBilly Filo's Twilight Procession is at the Annex on Thursday at 8:30 pm. On Friday you can check out JC's 1 and 9's play a Movin and Grovin (Sarah Palin made me take off the final "g") at the Bowery Poetry Club. They are part of multi act Soul Down. On Saturday, Bryan from the Pocono's and Brad from Sikamore Rooney, team up for some NoCo action at the Lamp Post.

Friday, 13 artists team up for 58's Annual Group show. Brenda Buck, Hiroshi Komagia, Dylan Egon, Doze Green, Mikal Hameed, Mr. Mustart, Joe Waks, Ian Kualii, Peter Bill, F. Dutchman, Kirk Bray, and Orlando Reyes art it up. Dr. Shakes will do his audio video thing.

On Saturday, head out to Newark's School of Architecture for the Westinghouse Project for so Ar+chaeology. There will be live music by Manchild at this event that feature dozens of artists creating art from the remnants of the old Westinghouse Building. Here, you can add this to your dictionary.

" Ar+chaeology is a combination of found object art, urban exploration and historic preservation.
Instead of buying raw materials from a store, some artists use objects they find as a way to conserve resources and create unique works of art. The key difference between found-object art and Ar+chaeology lies in the emphasis placed on where the objects were found. Ar+chaeologists
explore abandoned, culturally significant places searching for objects to represent that site.
These artifacts are extracted, cleaned and converted into artwork meant to promote a broader
appreciation of that site. In this respect, Ar+chaeology can be thought of as historic preservation
with artistic license. Especially in cases where the site is facing rapid deterioration via natural
elements or the wrecking ball, Ar+chaeology is the last line of defense- providing new life to
abandoned objects and new meaning to the places they came from. "

Sport should be on for Sunday. with the weather making a last stand, 70 degree days make great football games and make great volleyball action. With Sundown at 6:30 come early.

I'm out of time........... i didn't even get to say thank you to the Anthony Vito Susco Communitty Oragnizing Committee for their award :)