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The New & Improved Rock-it Docket is HERE -
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fire up the Grill, My Fever is Gone

Who ever thought that having a stomach virus wasn't productive? , tell me a better way to loose 10 pounds in three days ? I dare you !!! And just in time as the summer grills get cleaned off I will have room for your best char broilers. With the weather so nice, I am sorry to say that I will not, and thankfully do not have to spend a lot of sunny time updating for the weekend. Why ? because most of you have fled town.

For those of you who chart the course of the less obvious. JC and specifically Toy Eaters will not disappoint. Tonight. The full run of JC's Country inspired or influenced bands play. Newest to cross into this realm is the AAA Locksmith and Bailbonds. Featuring members of Flaming Fire and the Boyfriends). I have read word about Kamikaze Square Dancers for this ho down. I have to find my other cowboy boot for this. Any Day Parade, The Poconos, and WJ and the Sweet Sacrifice, who are returning from North Carolina will be there kids. On Sunday Night, The Poconos, reprise with Lismore. As Part of the Horror Prom. DJ's Leonard Smalls and Caligula Spin your bloody corsets afterwards.

At the Lamp Post Tara Elliot and the Red Velvets play. I don't know who they are but I will tell you that just mentioning Red Velvet has a tingling sensation on me. okay here's the link for the sights and sounds. Damn MySpace wouldn't let me look at the pictures without signing in ???

Also on the inside. My Room Mate DJ Bill is at O'Connell's on Saturday Nights and then at Lucky's on Sunday Nights. This Sunday of course should be most extreme with the Federal Government shutting down on Monday.

You can also take a jaunt into the Big City for a "Celebration of Art House Productions" at the famed ABC NoRio this Sunday at 7pm. ABC NoRio is located at 156 Rivington St. between Clinton/Suffolk. Art House pRoduction Founder, Christine Goodman will perform with two nationally-recognized poets, Dujuana Sharese of Cypher Movement and Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai of HBO's Def Poetry Jam.

On the outside, there should be numerous picnics and bbq's that I am sure you have gotten invite for. If you are stuck on something to bring besides beer. Try I nice pop-up dispenser of handy wipes. I love these things. Not only do they keep your hands nice and clean, you should also consider buying the flushable styles to keep your area south of the equator safe from Malaria or other unpleasantries.

On Sunday, you can be a good guest at the Ese Oro Gallery on Brunswick. The new Bama exzhibit is up and the back yard will be open. NOTE: This is a BYOB and BYOM/V affair. So if the only question you know is where's the food and drink it's not your destination (see Tuesdaya Mayors Block Party below) Things start at three.

Now that we've got your amenities settled, personally I will be setting up the volleyball net on MONDAY. I'd love to get so shout-in on who is going to bring a BBQ because I just scrapped last years in the trash on Wednesday. We will also need so volunteers for food so I will keep my ear to the ground. Mind you I don't plan to personally starve, so I'll have some starter stuff. Anyone who would like to set up the net on Sunday can contact me for the net.

Keeping the Picnics going. I will Be DJ-ing the Mayor's Block Party for Ward E at Hamilton Park on Tuesday. The Event runs from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. The event is for the residents and features plenty of family friendly stuff, Magicians, Bean Bag Tosses, Clowns, Sponge Bob, you get it as well as Representatives from every one of the City Departments. Even the Parking Authority is there !!! Please come by and give me a reason not to play the Macarena. This is a tough one :)