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Thursday, April 3, 2008

PU - I am leaving Jersey City (for vacation)

This is my last weekend in Jersey City before I head off to London and Amsterdam for a wekk's vacation. As you can assume, I don't plan be updating my blog whiel I am away. Email at if you have any must sees or dos. Especially if you have a friend I could crash with in Amsterdam. By the way, my place will not be available for after parties while I am gone.

If you are looking for a place, a car, a studio, or Church Pews, check out the Unclassified section of my blog. First with the church pews, we drove all the way up to Portland, Maine last week to pick up these solid oak pews. We have 8, 9, and 11 foot ones for sale ($11 a foot). Second, thanks to the mortgage crisis, the rental market for JC seems to be getting cheaper. My apologies to home owners, but for the rest of us in the low class, opportunities are opening up. In fact in light of the recession, new discounts (and misery) are just up the street.

Fifty Eight also has studio space available for rent. And on the same count 58 is available to rent for a private function. You can email me or call me for details.

All right, I am back at the Lamp Post this evening. And although my music catalogue has not grown in two years. I can guarantee you that I will still play the very same stuff that you have all grown tired of. Bring your earplugs or your iPOD to tune me out, or even better I will play your new Miriah Carey. Beforehand, I am going to visit the grand opening of the newly located Another Man's Treasure on Marin Blvd. Occupying, the space formerly occupied by Janam Tea Shop. Warren and Meeka have transformed the hot teapot spot into a groovy hot spot. The preview party is from 7 to 10 pm.

Music wise, Billy Filo's new band, Twilight Procession plays at the Luna Lounge tonight. I also got word that The Gay Blades are playing in Brooklyn as well as part of the Deli Magazines party at Galapagos in Williamsburg. Tonight, Jersey City's longest running spoken word, poetry and music night is at the Art House at 7:30 pm. That's your Thursday For you lets talk about the weekend.

On Friday Night, the Mary Bensen Gallery and es ORO on Brunswick both have art openings. Just got word that their is also an art opening at Sweet Priscilla's and at Bagua Juice on Friday Night. Located almost around the corner from each other, you can catch them both in one evening. On Saturday Night, we have the closing party for KWALITY at 58. Keeping with his theme, Joe Waks is slashing prices to clear inventory, so bring a wad of cash or your checkbook. In addition, LITM has an art opening on Saturday Night. Check their website for the details.

Sunday's weather looks decent enough for our first Volleyball games at Peninsula Park (end of Washington-by the Portside Towers) show up at 1 pm for set up. For those of you new to this scene we play pick-up games every sunny Sunday. We are going to need some new equipment this year so be prepared to donate about $20 for this season. Thanks in advance !!!

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