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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dorothy was right

I am home. My home. My Apartment. My Bed. My Dogs. My Weak Dollar. And my friends. Don't get me wrong, we had a great time with friends in London and how could I not have a good time in Amsterdam ? even if I was half-lost the entire time. But it's great to be back and it was nice to have the week off.

Actually let me get back to Amsterdam, since it was my 3rd time there. I finally rented a bike and traveled outside of town to Rotterdam. There, I had the best fried mussels and fried fish ever. And being on a bike, that was the jam, even though you get lost quicker. But even so, I kept on looking for a place that was more like home than the usually half assed crappy coffeeshop or some tourist f+cking bar. I mean just because you are high it does not mean that you should decorate your establishment with a giant teddy bear in a hammock. Yeah it looked good at the time, but to tell you the truth "what the f*ck Amsterdam you and your drum and bass blaring coffeeshop can got f=ck yourself :) " . Next time I am going to stay out of town maybe Delft or somewhere where they get less tourist so the people are nicer. So I instead, I ended up missing Jersey City. I did have two good nights of dancing regardless and no I didn't shag a hooker.

Well I am back into the swing of things.

Tonight DJ Cat Juggler returns from Vegas to spin at the Lamp Post. This Friday, Guilt Trip and and Special Guests play at Toyeaters. The show is a benefit for fellow tattoo artist "Wild" Bill who passed away last week. Money will help his family pay for hospital and funeral expenses. In Newark on Friday, Theory and Practice opens at Gallery Aferro 7-10 PM. Curated by Evonne M. Davis. The shopw features JC Resident Amanda Thackary and Doris Coviello.

Saturdays a bit of an open slot right now. I ahve a hunch their may be a closing Party at the Lex Leonard Gallery ?

Yesterdays, Star Ledger had and article about the oldest functioning bowling alley in the state of New Jersey. The recently renovated 3 lane bolwing alley is infortunately 3 years younger than the two lanes at Barrow. If you haven't seen it, come on this Sunday, Bryan Benninghove and the Campbell Apartment, who will be touring Canada in May play the Bowling at Barrow Mansion. DJ Neil "Eggs" McAnemy spins in beteween . Again folks it's a fund raiser so $10 at the door with a food donation. There's enough grubfor your dinner, music, and bowling.

Since, I am on the fund raising vibe. Just wanted to plug that American Watercolor Movement, Tremble in teh Heat and THe Meltdowns will be performing at 150 Bay Street next Saturday as a benefit for the PADNA Legal Fund. There are discounted tickets for $20 available or if you hav ethe cash you can drop $40. has all the details.

the details

We got a cool gig at Spotlite Live on Wed the 16th of April, tomorrow night. It has a penthouse balcony, for those who smoke or want to take in the sights of the middle of Times Square. We go on at 9:30.
We have some new songs too!
1604 Broadway at 49th st.