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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I don't feel like hyping right now

9-11-07 : Why shrink the image above, those building were enourmous. We remember.
The Attic Ensemble is Presenting The Guys a play about teh developing friendship and love of a fire captain who must deal with the loss of several of his men and writer who helps him write eulogies for them. The play is based on a trues story and runs from 09-11 to the 09-16.
Tonight DJ Street Justice on at the Lamp Post. She celebrates her birthday at midnight (mine is on Saturday) a slew of Virgoness seems to rule the air these days with a million birthdays about. We had planned a dance party for tonight, but we'll have to save that for the weekend. I am stopping by after I see the Tribute of Lights and perhaps Melisa Surach, who is guest bartending at Pop Merrigan's tonight ? I think that means she gets free drinks.

On Wednesday, American Watercolor Movement plays the Knitting Factory, we are opening up for the Silver Apples, which is a big deal becuase we are playing in the main space and not the old coat room. Come early we are on at 8 pm sharp. Also in the City Greg D's project the Lunar Ensemble plays at the Bowery Poetry Club.

If you missed the two closing parties for Trust Your Struggle last weekend, you may be in shock we you find come Thursday when our new exhibit, Imposed Sancity by Hiroshi Kumagai opens. Hiroshi's work will be a mixture of his vinyl illustration along with new paintings. The art starts at 7 pm, plus we'll have a Jazz Ensemble performing as well. Speaking of Jazz, Brian Benninghove plays in Journal Square on Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Later on Friday, the interteam rivalry of the Garden State Rollergirls will come to a boiling point as the JC Bridge and Pummel bouts with the Northern Nightmares. You can get your tickets at . This should be the equilivant of a Subway Series except with fishnets, bruises and maybe even a wardrobe malfunction. Or Maybe like a date going so bad, instead of turning on you, the ladies will turn on eachother (reads both ways) At least you won't have to drive her home. Bring it!!!

Upon your return, lismore is playing at the Glasslands Observatory in Brooklyn, while Brooklyn's Division of Planes plays the Iron Monkey and Water Under Water is playing at the Rock Star Bar or you can lead your own band at the Cork Screw with the Super Karaoke Fun Time Band !!

On Saturday, I'll be at a bachelor party. Don't worry mom, it's another paintball party. Saturday is also my birthday, which means I should be dancing somewhere. However, I really don't want to clean up after myself, so if you stop by 58 make sure you bring beer and paper towels. If I am not there, check the door for directions to the dance party

Sunday, I will be playing kickball/softball/ and volleyball at Aldo's Annual BBQ. I set up kickball, give me a call if you want in. We play with waterballoons so make sure you wear undergarments. My car leaves at 12:30.
Next Tuesday I will be DJ-ing at the Lamp Post - all Dancing Tony. Be there.

If this was not enough Drama for you. Come out to Hoboken for a series of One Act Plays by groups such as teh JC City Theatre, gaia studios and Art House Productions, who is presenting Watermelon Starring Katherine Damigos, Judy Nunez, Trish Szymanski, David Ribyat, Written by Ed Schroeder and Directed by Christine Goodman.
Your future is looming. Don't you sometimes feel like throwing it all up in the air and letting the wind "woosh" it away forever? Cut class; spit seeds; tell fortunes; drop hints; sleep it off. In this strange and funny multimedia adventure, Art House Productions asks, "What next?"
This sounds all to familiar to me. : Shows run September 14, 15, 21 & 22 at 8pm DeBaun Auditorium Edwin A. Stevens Hall, 5th & Hudson Sts., Hoboken Directions: (10 min walk from Hoboken PATH station) Tickets $15 adults, $10 students & seniors, $5 children & Stevens students.

The Full on Details
Wed Sept 12th
The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
11:00pm LUNAR ENSEMBLE "OFFBEAT" CD Release (MuWorks)
10:30pm ARBELLA Literary Magazine launch party w/Tom Obzrut, Danny Shot and Steve Dalachinsky
10:00pm CLOCKWORK MERCURY, duo of Eric Mingus & Catherine Sikora

58 GALLERY proudly presents
Thursday sept 13th 7-11 p.m.
more info goto:
September 11-16, 2007The Guys By Anne NelsonDirected by Art DeloFeaturing AJ Liana and Wanda Maragni Less than two weeks after the September 11th attacks, New Yorkers are still in shock. One of them, an editor named Joan, receives an unexpected phone call on behalf of Nick, a fire captain who has lost most of his men in the attack, looking for a writer to help him with the eulogies he must present at their memorial services. Nick and Joan spend the afternoon together, recalling the fallen men, recounting their virtues and foibles, and sculpting the stories into memorials of words. In the process, Nick and Joan discover the possibilities of friendship in each other and their shared love for the unconquerable spirit of the city. As they make their way through the emotional landscape of grief, they draw on humor, tango, the appreciation of craft in all its forms-and the enduring bonds of common humanity. ][/i]The Guys is based on a true story.September 11-16, 2007Tuesday & Wednesday at 8 p.m.; Thursday at 7 p.m.Friday & Saturday at 8 p.m.; Sunday at 3 & 7 p.m.$20 General Admission /$15 Seniors & StudentsReservations: 201 413-9200Charge tickets online at portion of our opening night proceeds will be donated to 9/11 relief charities.The Barrow Mansion is barrier-free/large print program available

Hi there--We hope everyone's doing well as summer winds down. Resting from our trip west we took some time off from shows around town, but we're back at it this weekend. We're playing this Friday in Jersey City, NJ at the Iron Monkey, show time is 10:30pm. And we're playing this Saturday at the Rockstar Bar in Brooklyn around 9pm. Trembling Wires is up on iTunes and there are rumors we're getting airplay, there may be more from us on that later. Until then, see you around and at the shows!Tom / Jerel / TomDivision of PlanesIron Monkey - 97 Greene St. Jersey City, NJ 07302 Rockstar Bar - 351 Kent Avenue (at S. 5th St.) Brooklyn, New York 11211


THIS FRIDAY as Lismore is playing a show in Williamsburg at The Lolita Party (

Bryan Beninghove's upcoming gigs...
FRIDAY 9/14JSQ Music Series11:30-1:30pm400 PATH PlazaJersey City
THURSDAY 9/20Elysian Cafe 9:30pm
THURSDAY 9/27DC's Tavern505 8th St HobokenCome on down!

Garden State Rollergirls present: THE REMATCH

It's that time again! After injuries sidelined a good portion of their team, the Jersey City Bridge & Pummel faced a harrowing defeat at the hands of rivals the Northern Nightmares during their debut bout in May. But the times they are a-changing! After breaking in the Jersey Fresh Meat, Bridge & Pummel are ready for a rematch. THIS IS A NIGHT NOT TO BE MISSED! Friday September 14th at Branch Brook Roller Skating Center in Newark, be there to cheer on your hometown girls in what is sure to be the most competetive, exciting, nitty-gritty Roller Derby bout this state has ever seen! For ticket sales and more information, visit at Lucky 7s!-- Layla SmackdownGarden State Rollergirls

September 14, 15, 21 & 22 at 8pm
DeBaun Auditorium
Edwin A. Stevens Hall, 5th & Hudson Sts., Hoboken
(10 min walk from Hoboken PATH station)
$15 adults, $10 students & seniors,
$5 children & Stevens students
Dinner and show package: $35/person (online purchases only)
201.216.8937 or
Purchase Online
Second annual evening of one act plays presented with member organizations of the Hudson County Theatre Alliance including: The Theater Company, Art House Productions, _gaia Studio, The Attic Ensemble, HExTC and J CITY Theater. This season's theme is "An Evening of Original Works" with a mix of hilarious and thought provoking works by some of theater's rising authors.
Art House Productions presents
Katherine Damigos, Judy Nunez, Trish Szymanski, David Ribyat
Written by Ed Schroeder
Directed by Christine Goodman
Carlo Fiorletta, Production Manager
Maggie Perrotta, Video
Jason Barbosa, Camera
John Stanitz, Video Graphics
Your future is looming. Don't you sometimes feel like throwing it all up in the air and letting the wind "woosh" it away forever? Cut class; spit seeds; tell fortunes; drop hints; sleep it off. In this strange and funny multimedia adventure, Art House Productions asks, "What next?"

PRESS CONTACT: Doris Caçoilo 973-699-0399
Waldo Lofts, 159 Second Street, Downtown Jersey City September 21st – October 20th 2007 Artist reception, Friday September 28th 7-9pm Gallery hours 2-6pm – Fridays & Saturdays Jersey City Artist Studio Tour October 6th & 7th 12-6pm
Inside – Outside joins in the 17th Annual Jersey City Artist Studio Tour (JCAST), bringing together art by local artists in two group exhibitions. The collaborative exhibitions highlight the work of twenty-eight artists and will serve to promote local emerging talent as well as raise awareness and advocacy of artists’ issues. Inside will feature work by: Aileen Bassis, Sherrard Bostwick, Jennifer Carpenter, Mary Jeys, Geraldine Juarez, Meg Klim, Vaneska (Kika) Kluck, Radical Performance Group (Sabrina Asch, Kristi Hall, Sofie Holten, Lauren Larken, Joanna Rose White), Kayt Hester Lent, Beth Morrison, Franc Palaia, Mike Schuwerk and Cristina Gil Donaire, Rachael Serbinski, Ev Stone, Chris Sugrue, Amanda Thackray, Stephanie Tichenor, Stephanie Werthman. Outside will feature work by: Nyugen Smith, Geraldine Juarez, Michele Loughlin, Ryan Higgins, and D.C. Smith. And with special performances by Cyphered Threads and Gocha Tsinadze on Friday, September 28th. Inside is curat
ed by Doris Caçoilo and Amie Figueiredo and Outside is curated by Asha Ganpat and Brian Gustafson and hosted by Waldo Lofts.
The month-long exhibition begins Friday, September 21st and runs through Saturday, October 20th; with an artist reception on Friday, September 28th 7-9pm, at 159 Second Street, in downtown Jersey City. The exhibition is part of the Jersey City Artist Studio Tour (October 6th & 7th) presented by Pro Arts and Jersey City Cultural Affairs. Each year hundreds of studios and supportive venues open their doors and artists display their work in various public venues with many events and live performances. The two-day event, which is free and open to the public, receives thousands of visitors. Inside - Outside will feature a diverse group of artists exhibiting painting, photography, sculpture, video, textiles, performance and more.
The multi-media exhibition at Waldo Lofts looks to explore how the notions of outside and inside can be interpreted in a multitude of social, aesthetic, political, personal, and economic dimensions. Bringing together a diverse number of artists from different backgrounds and artistic practices, the exhibitions look to examine the ways in which the threshold between ‘In’ and ‘Out’ can be employed as a means of identification, a divisive barrier, or a conceptual model. These explorations of space include examining the interior and exterior of home, the body, domestic, shared, private and public spaces as they relate to singular and common identities. Works in the exhibition will include a multitude of creative practices, including works that are interactive, site-specific, and appeal to multiple sensory experiences. The hope with this event is to support the artist community and Jersey City as well as encourage local artists by giving them a much-needed local venue to promo te themselves and their work.
Inside - Outside is being sponsored by Pro-Arts, a non-profit organization of professional artists dedicated to promoting the visual arts and communicating Jersey City's identity as a growing arts center; by The City of Jersey City, Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy, The Jersey City Municipal Council, The Jersey City Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Cultural Affairs; and by the Fields Development Group.
For further information please contact: 201.386.0486

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